Friday, November 5, 2010

One Question Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It's my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.

What makes you feel most like you?
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  1. What makes me feel really, really good is when I get to spend time in nature - a hike, staring at the ocean, scuba diving, staring at any body of water, really. But what makes me feel like me? It seems lately, me comes in the middle of chaos. I feel like me when I've managed to say something encouraging to my kids or to a friend even in the middle of a crazy fall schedule. Finding quality time for others is difficult, so I feel like me when I can rise above the chaos.

  2. Being at home with my family. I am such a homebody :) There's nowhere I'd rather be.

  3. I feel most like me when I'm creating! This usually means when I'm writing, but also when I get into fun projects like interior design and cooking (neither of which I do enough).

    I agree with Julie as well. There's nothing like being around my family.

  4. LOVE this question.

    Can I have more than one answer??

    -When I'm having a girl's night with my close friends (like tonight! Man, Wendy, we'd have GREAT girl's nights if we lived by each other. You thinkin' of moving to the exciting state of Iowa anytime soon?)

    -My quiet times in the morning. When it's just me and God. He shows me who Me is.

    -Laying in bed at night with hubby and pillow talking. I love those times. Sometimes, we get so goofy we laugh until our stomach's hurt. I love, love, love that man.

    -Snuggling with my son with a book before bed.

    -And of course, cuddled up in front of my laptop while I write stories.

    Love this question today, Wendy!

  5. Coffee
    Feeling passionate about anything

  6. Hmmm, what makes me feel move like me?

    When i do activities by choice and not compulsion. Without being reckless, there is a joy in being 'carefree' when performing activites.

  7. ~drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book.
    ~scrapbooking or some other crafty thing
    ~sitting by a creek or at the ocean and listening to the water
    ~hot bath with a magazine
    ~ quiet house...all the kids in bed asleep doing any of the above. (I love my kids, but like my "me time" too)

  8. Pajamas, hikes, reading, listening to music and playing with my kiddos :)

  9. Reading, writing, being at home with my family, and being at my church. They're all parts of me, and if any part was missing, I wouldn't be the same me.

  10. Laughing, playing with my grandkids, reading mystery novels with my hus, writing, encouraging others, singing.

    And you?

  11. Reading something really serious and a tad melancholy.
    I have a busy and efficient life with a husband and fantastic little girls. I work at a church. I am active in the community. I do fundraisers and parties. I have lots of love, lots of friends, lots of happiness.
    But I also have depth and sorrow and I sometimes feel like there are no places in my life for that part of me to fit.
    So when I read something very serious and a tad melancholy I feel a connection with the whole truth, not just one side of it, and with other deep souls who live out there in the world somewhere.

  12. What makes me feel most like me?

    A. I feel most like me when I am having time alone with God. It is there that I feel whole.

    Blessings to you!
    Michele Katherine

  13. It depends on the season. In the spring and summer, I'm all about flip-flops. In the fall and winter, I love my slippers.

  14. Jeanette,

    Normally I find so much joy in simply reading all the comments, but since you asked.

    When I'm laughing, creating, encouraging, reading, writing, speeding on a boat, and risking.

    Love all the comments so far!

    ~ Wendy

  15. Hi Wendy -

    Worshipping while I'm doing a sign language special.
    Writing when it flows effortlessly.
    Being with my family and friends.

    Susan :)

  16. When I'm laughing. All guards are down and I can just let loose!

  17. Wendy, great question!

    I would say I feel most like me when I'm passionate, challenging myself, learning, discovering, and loving life.

  18. Wild abandonment with my ideas, fun times with family or friends.

  19. Jesus. No really, I'm not being cute or kissing up because I know he's looking. I am the most me when I am with Him.

  20. Being at the church my (maternal) uncle pastors makes me feel the most like me. My mother met my father there. My paternal uncle signed the original note for the property. Later, the doors were closed. My grandmother moved to the town, and she and a group of women petitioned to have the church opened again. They succeeded, and it has remained open. My uncle has pastored there 38 years.

    I have moved around a lot, but so many people who attend this church are people who knew from the day I was born or I've know them since birth. It's my true home on earth.

    Of all the questions you've asked, this one has been my favorite. I love to worship the LORD at this little church.

  21. When I'm busy cooking in the kitchen, taking care of my family, or writing.

  22. Great question. I immediatley thought of dancing and was surprised at this unexpected thought. Not the professional kind, but the fun, letting yourself go kind when the right song comes on. I think I always feel the inner dancer in me wanting to get out and release the energy.

  23. Wendy:
    Whne I am in communication with God.
    When I am able to be with friends, even if it's a phone call.
    When we do something nice but different.
    When I am helping do something for others.

  24. Great question! I don't know. This is hard. Wrapping in a fuzzy blanket with a cup of tea and a book to read. Driving my kids to school, singing loudly on the way, and laughing with them. Hanging out with my hubby. Moving--physically moving.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. Can I answer on a Sunday?

    Words. Because words are what help me understand myself, and what help me explain myself to others. Me.

  26. When I feel that I spent the day 'being' my true self I feel strong, confident, energized, relaxed, and validated. For me that act of 'being' seems to involve focused observation and introspection. I have felt this after a productive day of photography or painting or a day of driving and wandering through gorgeous scenery.

  27. Writing. Hands down. I can just be myself.

  28. Still thinking on the question and can't put my answer into words. Don't know what that says about me....

  29. Being invited to speak, and telling others about my Jesus, and seeing moist eyes or cheeks because they see and feel and know.

    Nothing feels more like me being the me He meant me to be.


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