Friday, October 8, 2010

The Preacher’s Bride by Jody Hedlund


Switching up this One Question Friday to review my friend, Jody Hedlund’s debut book,
The Preacher’s Bride.

The Preacher’s Bride. The beginning hooked me. The middle swept me off my feet and the end left me with an overall feeling of contentment. Now that’s the definition of a good book. My friend, Jody Hedlund orchestrated a beautiful story, creating a rich cast of characters with deft attention and intentionality. I flipped pages quickly. My mind was transfixed as I read the entertaining and tension-building plot.
And I’ll be honest with you; this is not the kind of book I ordinarily read. But I’ve read enough of Jody’s blog posts to trust her writing skill. I was not at all disappointed. The Preacher’s Bride delivered. My heart fluttered with Elizabeth Whitbread’s, a young Puritan woman feeling called to help care for motherless children. Jody handled the romantic elements of the story gracefully. John Costin, a preacher in the throes of grieving his wife, is portrayed in a realistic light. I admire how through the vulnerability and conflicting moments, Jody evidenced her research of England and its inhabitants in the mid 1600s.
One of my favorite parts of the book doesn’t occur until the end in the Author’s Notes. I love what’s revealed in these notes. It added to the satisfying impact of The Preacher’s Bride—a book I’d highly recommend.
Well done, Jody!

In case you miss the One Question Friday, I’ll hit you with one. If you’ve been blessed to know Jody through social networking, what have you learned from her?

I’ll go first. I’ve learned when I become published to maintain humility and grace in the process. Thanks, Jody for bestowing those qualities. And I also like how Jody often uses her blog as a resource to help other writers grow.

If you don’t know Jody, well it’s about that time. Head here and introduce yourself.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review
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  1. Oh, let me count the ways how I love thee! Jody is an incredible writer. I also posted a review on Amazon about her book, but I, too, loved this book from the very first word to the very last.

    What have I learned from Jody. I've learned that you can juggle a very busy life and still manage to write, learn to write better, and write some more, AND she has proven she can get published with an incredible novel. Her blog is an amazing wealth of information for all writers.

    Congratulations, friend! I learned this week what your next book is about, and let me say, I CAN'T WAIT!

  2. This book is next on my reading list...can't wait! What I've learned from Jody: Don't let any opportunities pass you by because of fear or laziness.

  3. I agree with your review! I loved this book.

    Jody taught me generosity in blogging. She was one of my first, if not THE first, followers of my blog, and I quickly noticed she reached out to every blogger who crossed her path. It really impressed me.

    Have a great weekend, Wendy!!

  4. Oh wow, Wendy!! I'm overwhelmed by your blog post today! I think you're going to make me cry! :-) And I truly think the learning is a two-way street. I've learned SO much from everyone. And that's the beauty of blogging and gaining friendships and then being able to spur one another on! So thank you all for your friendships and for teaching me so much!

  5. Historical fiction isn't the type of book I normally read either, but I am a huge fan of Jody and there was not way I wasn't going to not read this masterpiece!

    LOVE IT! Jody, you have woven a wonderful story. I loved Pilgrim's Progress so much I knew this would not disappoint:)

    Did I say, I LOVE IT already!

  6. Good review, Wendy. I've been following Jody's blog for quite a while now and have followed the development of her book. She has done very well.

    Your question - What have I learned from her social networking? Goals and discipline. She seems to be a pacesetter in both areas, without neglecting other important aspects of her life (like her faith and famiy).

    In case she checks in: Hi Jody. Great job. wb

  7. Great review, Wendy! Can't wait to read it - it's KILLING ME to wait! Just trying to finish my edits, and then I'm going to reward myself by diving into TPB :)

    Jody is candid about her struggles and humble in her triumphs - I'm so grateful to have her as an example of "how to act" in the publishing world.

  8. The thing I've learned from Jody is perseverance. I'm inspired when I read her blog as well because she comes from such a down to earth place I feel like a good friend is giving me a piece of valuable advice and I'm not being talked down too. *I heart you both ladies!*

  9. Thanks for the interview! I've been following Jody's blog since...pretty close to the beginning :)and I've learned a lot from her. Primarily not to give up and give it your all. Can't wait to read this book!

  10. Wendy, I enjoyed your review. Well done!!

    Wow! What have a learned from Jody? Heaps!!! She's one of my role models. I admire her generosity and how genuine she is. I admire her talent as a writer. I appreciate her skill as a critiquer. She pushed me to make my story better, and I'm every so grateful.

  11. I can't wait to read it. Jody is the best!

  12. She's honest, vulnerable, disciplined, humble, helpful, and just plain sweet. For starters.

    Her blog is ever so helpful. And I can't wait to meet her.

  13. This day is not long enough to tell you what I've learned from Jody and the writing journey. The main lesson: Don't Give Up In The Hard Times. She's a living example of that, and has encouraged me personally when I was ready to call it a day on my literary path.

    I LOVED PB! Even found myself praying for the main character. Now, that's a stirring book!

  14. Great post! Jody's posts are informative and show great organization and willpower!


  15. I'm so happy for cool to have you interview her here :D


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