Monday, October 18, 2010

Have a Teacup or a Dumbo in Your Life?

I swear I’m surrounded by people who exemplify the exact traits and temperaments of rides at Disney World. Let me explain and you tell me if you don’t have similar folks in your life.

The Teacup

This is the friend who’s always disorganized, frazzled, and has a million plates spinning. She forgets birthdays, class field trips and her day to bring oranges to soccer. Teacup friend has wonderful intentions, but she’s clearly overwhelmed. She needs an extended vacation to anywhere but Disney World.
Pirates of the Caribbean

This person is guaranteed to come out fighting. She craves drama, looks for a brawl in every conversation and spends a little too much time guzzling a pint or two (or three).

So not right, right? But we all have someone in our lives with that happy-go-lucky, bouncy personality. They’re easy to be around. Just looking at them makes us feel like a kid again.
Space Mountain

This person is always on the go. So electrified with vision and planning, they might as well be living ten years from now. There’s no stopping them. On. A. Mission.
It’s a Small World

It’s uncomplicated to discover like interests with this person. They give you that peaceful, easy feeling (thanks, Eagles). You admire their love of travel and how they appreciate getting along with everyone. The only negative trait you find in this person so far is that they’re a little too quick to reach out and grab your hand, hoping to sway to inaudible music. And sometimes they say good-bye in languages you don’t understand.
Swiss Family Robinson Tree

Okay, not a ride, but certain people in life are climbing up. They’re intrigued by what they find, taking in the sights and enjoying their way to the top. A lover of the outdoors, this friend serves as a motivator. They encourage you to work your way to the top so you can enjoy a whole new view (which reminds me of the Aladdin ride, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan…the list goes on and on).

Does anyone in your life demonstrate personality traits that resemble a Disney World ride or attraction? Do share!

*photos by flickr


  1. Lol, Wendy! I love love love your analogies! My husband is a whirlwind of activity...that probably describes a lot of the Disney rides.

    We're headed to Disney next you've whet my appetite. :)

  2. Love this post, Wendy! You have a great insight into people's personalities, and yes I have encountered these different types. I am grateful for some Swiss Family Robinson Tree types in my life.

  3. You clever chick, you. I love your imagination and ability to convey it.

    My favorite ride was always Dumbo; I hope this says I'm colorful and fun-loving, not senseless.

    I'm attracted to personalities that are stable, focused, and calm. What ride would that be?

  4. Oh yeah, I can name a few people for each ride. lol... I tried to figure out which one would best fit me and, well, I guess I'm not the best judge of me. :) Thanks for a fun post this Monday morning!

  5. Great post!! I am a huge Disney World fan, so I thought this was fantastic!!

  6. So true!! I have a good friend who is EXACTLY like the Space Mountain ride. I hang out with her to experience her ride because she has way more energy than I do. LOL

  7. What a great post, and a unique but accurate look at people!!

    I'd love to say I'm the Swiss Family Robinson... I think that's what I strive to be... but honestly I feel like most of my life is probably the tea cup ride. Which explains why I feel like life is spinning too fast around me. :)

  8. Oh, I don't know a lot of people, I would probably say a friend I know is It's A Small World, and I would like to say I am the Swiss Family Robinson Tree. Yes? Hope so! :)

    Great post, thoughtful and interesting way to start my Monday.

  9. Wendy,
    You always have a rich and delightful perspective on life and "stuff"! I know your books are the same:) Bless you today. You sure make me smile!

  10. What a crack up! Yes! I have people in my life who are like Disney rides...and I saw myself in several of the ones you listed. :)

  11. I love this, Wendy! I could probably fit at least several people I know into each of those categories. I'm just trying to figure out where I fit in :)

  12. How cute! I can identify with each of these 'people' in my life. I guess I myself would be Space Mountain. On a mission indeed. ;) Have a great day Wendy!

  13. This is funny. Yes, yes, yes. My goodness, yes.

    Once I asked my son, his girlfriend, and my husband if I reminded them of a character in a Disney movie. They all responded with: "Snow White. Of course."

    Here's the thing: my mother used to say I was Snow White. They did not know this!

    When I asked why, they said, "You just are."

  14. I could think of a ton of people who fit these characteristics! Good and bad:)

  15. Fun and funny idea!

    Some people are "FastPasses": organized and efficient, they manage to avoid all hassles that the rest of us muddle through and instead, leap right to the front of the line.

    I am not a FastPass.

  16. Sarah, I figured Disney was universal enough for most folks to recognize these. Have fun next month. Do you do Magic Kingdom? Epcot is my favorite.

    R&M, I'm with you. Those Swiss Family Robinson friends are the best--pure treasures!

    Jeanette, You have enough brains to blow this town up! And you are fun-loving to boot. Was trying to come up with a ride. As you were describing yourself I kept thinking It's a Small World, that's one of my favs. ;)

    Ralene, I prob. have a sliver of each of these in me. Maybe. I hope I'm most like the tree.

    Stephanie, Thanks. It truly is like being in another land. So clean, too.

    Jennifer, I've been told I have an insane amount of energy. Probably true. I see it in my kids, so it makes sense. I fluctuate with how futuristic I am though.

    Heidi, It's funny you should mention this. I've never felt so much like a teacup as I have the past few weeks. I think it has to do with dealing with some left-over stuff, but it's wild. Where is my head?

    Casey, I loved describing the tree. I hope I'm that, too. I can certainly think of people who are a tree like that in my life.

    Laura, Thanks for the kind words. Rich, I hope so. Delightful. Hmmm. I'm not sure on that one. Maybe some sentences. Hmmm. Thinking. Would be curious to see what someone who has read my work would say to that one.

    Erica, Loved your post today about book signings. I cracked up writing some of these, especially those last few lines of It's a Small World. And for writers it really is. We could live inside our own heads for quite some time.

    Cindy, I was hoping people would throw out a few more rides. You might not fit in one of these. I'm grateful for you today.

    T.Anne, Just remember to keep your hands inside the car. My sister kept trying to lift hers and that announcement came on about 1,000 times.

    Cassandra, Yes! Snow White. A new one. I love they give no reasons, it's just known. Here's the burning question...are you an apple fan?

    Terri, Sounds, well, good & bad.

    Ann, Loved this description. Could immediately think of a few of these. Nicely added.

    Pretty status quo around here today. My three-year-old smoked me at Memory. And my six-year-old worried my wrinkles on my forehead were scrapes. I'm getting old, folks.

    'Tis true. My birthday is rolling around in less than two weeks.

    Use your time wisely.

    As will I.
    ~ Wendy

  17. Funny but true! Ah the writing possibilities in this comparison...

  18. You. Are. Clever!

    I love your fresh, unique take on the world, Wendy. You think outside the box and encourage me to do the same. I'm grateful for that gift.

  19. Your analogies, have altered my prospective of of the rides at Disney World. The rides now have have personalities. I wonder if Walt had this in mind.

  20. Unfortunately I am some of those- especially the tea cups girl! :) So cute- seriously appreciate after just venturing there!

  21. Cute, cute post! Now you have me thinking about my friends... :)

  22. Hi Wendy -

    LOL! I know several of these. I've got a Dumbo in my life, who is a delight to be around.

    Susan :)

  23. Love the post. I find your comparisons very interesting. Personally, I'm probably the Small World. Cue the repetitive song!


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