Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something To Marvel At

Have you seen the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love? Here’s where I must sheepishly admit I’ve yet to read the best-seller, though it intrigues me—yes, it does. One line from the trailer struck me profoundly. Julia Roberts, playing Eliabeth Gilbert, expresses with sheer passion, “I want to go someplace where I can marvel at something.”

And so a new thought burst forth in me. Gotta love it when that happens.

What about marveling at something in the every day? How about finding something in the midst of the routine, the exhaustion and the ordinary to sample and extract beauty from? I know that’s how I feel when I write. Alive. Rejuvenated. As though every small thing has a place. And a wonder.

For this I 8 Wednesday I’m going to share eight everyday things I choose to marvel at:
  1. The burgeoning hibiscus in our front yard, fanning the wind and announcing their presence to the world with wine and cream boldness.
  2. The sky, as it holds seahorse clouds and storms adrift with a purplish-gray bruised horizon.
  3. My husband’s face. My face. The salt-and-pepper stubble rising from my man’s chin after a week of not shaving. The winged lines that shoot from the corners of my eyes—thankful wrinkles. Thankful for growth, for wisdom. I’m grateful for growing older together.
  4. I marvel at my children’s fingers. How their hands expand and stretch beyond the hand prints they created years ago.
  5. The way my youngest enunciates all words that begin with V with a W. Practicing V’s with her today and hearing her master V for the first time brought a smile to my lips. Language.
  6. My dog’s white eyelashes.
  7. How God orchestrates His will through His people. A glimmer of encouragement comes at such tender and knowing times.
  8. I marvel at those little nuts cracked in two (no idea the name) in the exact shape of a pig’s snout. There’s one in our front yard and every time I step by it I laugh.
There are things to marvel at all around us. My mom used to reassure me that I didn’t need to travel overseas to live out my ministry. Ministry happens in the front yard. While I’m holding my daughter’s hand, scratching my husband’s cheek, and calling a friend as soon as God prompts me to. Ministry is learning to marvel at the here. The now.

Can you think of something to marvel at?
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  1. I too am intrigued by the Eat Pray Love movie trailers.

    Marveling at the riches in an ordinary life is the primary theme of the Moonboat Cafe. You know I love this.

    And yes, you found the Monday post. I'm getting to know you a little bit. :-)

  2. I marvel at all the colorful birds that have chosen this year to take up residence in my backyard tree and I get to watch them:)
    Salt and pepper stubble? You all are too young for that color!

  3. I went to a private beach area once and marveled at the total quiet with just the waves lapping on the shore. That peacefulness. It was like the Garden of Eden.

  4. You know what I marvel about? People. Sometimes we are stupid and hurtful. Other times we are thoughtful and wise. We are wonderfully made by God- a little flawed but precious and worth saving.


  5. Beautiful post, Wendy. Your eight marvels made me marvel. And today, I'm marveling at the view of a green field from my bedroom window, flocks of geese honking overhead, and my limber, tan children.

  6. I marvel at my baby girl's lips that open wide for that 7 mo. old baby kiss. When she turns her head without prompting and plants a wet one right on my cheek. Such love is represented in those lips. It's a marvel to me.

    I'm also marvelling at my coffee this morning - it's been 30 min and it's still hot. How is that possible?

  7. I have that bottom hibiscus in my front yard, and I love when it blooms!

    I marvel at Julia Roberts...MY LORD that woman is beautiful! I can't wait to see this movie. My fave line is the "no carb left behind" experiment line. So funny!

    I am also marveling at my kids' art project...which is all over my dining room table!

  8. If it makes you feel any better about not having read the book ... I only made it through Eat.

  9. What an interesting post! I think we all think somewhere else is more interesting than where we are. We don't marvel because we stop looking at the things around us.

    I love your list.

  10. 1. A very small boy in fishy trunks splashing in and around his little pool.
    2. Two bigger boys that chase him and each other, spraying water with a hose and a squirt gun.
    3. The morning cup of coffee with a touch of sugar and the cream just right.
    4. A morning run through the cornfields now in tassel.
    5. A really good hair day when it finally happens.
    6. Sitting at the coffee shop to do my writing, watching the faces that come by, and listening in on snippets of conversations.
    7. Strolling along at the county fair and stopping to talk to friends ("we can't go more than three feet," says The Mister).
    8. A perfectly-grilled cheese sandwich delivered to my desk yesterday when I was sick, but still working. By a boy.

    And that's my Wednesday Eight.

  11. I know what you mean, I love to look and marvel at my kidlets little hands. They are so precious.

  12. Marvel...I marvel at the dark brown centers on the yellow flowers of my vining black-eyed-susan.

  13. Ooh, I love your list. Seahorse clouds--exquisite!

    I marvel that my husband still cherishes me after 35 years of roller coaster rides.

    The new mercies of God at each fresh, pink sunrise.

    And words. Always words. How millions of writers can find unique ways to string them together and make us laugh, cry, hope, rest, and believe.

  14. Marveling helps to put it all in perspective, doesn't it?! It helps me to stand amazed at an all-powerful God who desires an intimate relationship with me. Thanks for this post, Wendy! Time to slow down and be still. Time to marvel in the presence of God!

  15. Wonderful thoughts, Wendy! I'm marveling at my daughter's newly expressed smiles. Such a delight!

  16. I read the book. I didn't like the fact it inspired all sorts of women to starts setting up alters in their homes and praying to the God of their choosing.

  17. It's the little things that are the most marvellous. Beautiful post.

  18. Hi Wendy -

    I remember visiting an area south of Los Angeles. The undulating hills reminded me of a rumpled blanket. Going over that last hill, I caught my breath as the vast Pacific Ocean stretched out before me.

    I'll never forget that sight.

    Susan :)

  19. Wendy:
    Your list gives me a lot to think about. Here's a few of mine.
    1. The fact that my husband and I have made it almost 42 years. Without God, I couldn't have done that.
    2. The fact that we have the one true God watching over us.
    3. The fact I can call someone and talk with them about their family's needs and tell her about ours.

  20. I am really looking forward to this movie. I've read bits and pieces of Eat, Pray, Love but not all of it, which is weird. It's great writing. I like the author, although my God is slightly more defined than hers. :) Julia Roberts will be perfect for the role!

  21. I marvel at my daughter's beautiful skin. She puts Julia Roberts to shame! Good to see you & I missed you blog last week. I will be taking a vacation from blogging in a couple of weeks when I go on vacation!

  22. Beautiful thoughts, Wendy. I loved your list of marvelous things. I gave me pause. Now I'll have to think of my own list.

  23. Marvel, what a great word. I love the fingers one.

    And I just noticed that you have a new, beautiful, gorgeous picture of yourself. I love it.

  24. Beautiful thoughts, Wendy. I love where your mind takes us, and that you allow us along the journey.

    I'm going to find some things to marvel at now...

  25. This is a great. I'll remember it when I'm frustrated or thinking things aren't working out. It will be a great reminder to relax and look around.

  26. How God orchestrates His will through His people. A glimmer of encouragement comes at such tender and knowing times.

    I don't stop marveling that He would use me. I mean, it's amazing enough that He would love me, save me, want my fellowship. But actually let me be part of His plan? I know it factually without a doubt. But I don't know that I'll stop marveling at it.

    Those flowers are something else as well. Wow.

  27. LOVE this post! I needed this reminder today and thank you so much!

    I'm so glad I stopped by today. God has used your words to speak to my heart.

    ~ ~


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