Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I 8 Wednesdays

I’m starting up something new. Ain’t that just like me? Every Wednesday I’m going to give you a list of my top 8. Eight is my favorite number. And I just don’t know how to live without putting a positive spin on something, therefore—I 8 Wednesdays.

This week you get a list of my eight favorite writing related websites (blogs included) to visit…

Novel Matters: This group of ladies demonstrates an in depth knowledge of the craft. I love the flowing conversation on this blog and the way these ladies make me think.

Novel Journey: An excellent resource for becoming familiar with the industry and fellow authors.
Querytracker: An assortment of just plain great advice.

Rants & Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent: Rachelle Gardner is the kind of person you want on your team in a game of dodge ball and of course, if you aren’t playing dodge ball you just want her on your team. Honest, knowledgeable about the industry, and discerning. I’ve learned an immeasurable amount from her blog.

MacGregor Literary blog: Chip MacGregor and Sandra Bishop provide excellent writing tips and insight into the industry in a fresh, laugh out loud way.

Nathan Bransford—Literary Agent: The man knows his writing stuff.

So You Want to be Published: Mary DeMuth began this blog and now is joined by two other engaging ladies to provide practical writing advice. (Too cool, today’s post has several blogging friends listed in it…check it out).

ACFW: An excellent place to start to get connected and connect with authors in your genre.

Do you have a writing related website you enjoy reading?

*photos by flickr
**It bothers me there’s an ain’t up there, but I’ll leave it. It still bothers me.
***I have a great group of blogging friends with wonderful writing blogs. I will throw them up there another time. It grew too difficult to choose among them for this post.


  1. Great list, Wendy! And thanks for the links...I don't know a few of these. I'm tweeting this...

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Great list! I'd add "guide to literary agents", too.

  3. Thanks for the list. I love the picture of the little girl with the pig tails. Too cute!

  4. I agree with these! And I like this new Wednesday idea, too.

  5. Ooh! I'm bookmarking this one so I can check these out after the kids go to bed. So cool! What an awesome idea!

  6. Great list. I would also add Patricia Stoltey's blog:

  7. Great idea and great resources! Thanks for posting these. Don't forget Janet Reid's QueryShark ( There are many others but I won't blog on your blog. :) I might borrow (steal) your idea, though. ;-)

  8. Excellent choices. In fact, I need to go follow some of them that I'd forgotten about.

  9. Rachelle's blog was the first blog I ever followed/read religiously. For months I soaked up her knowledge. She is my favorite.

  10. I'll check out your peeps! I like the number 3... :O)

  11. Wow, hard-core writing blogs! You are amazing, Wendy, you know it?

    Sigh. My favorite blogs are on my blog roll, and there are too many to list...but I will say that this is one of 'em!!!


  12. I also enjoy Verla Kay blueboards .. a chat forum for all things chidren/MG/teen

    I can't even count the number of helpful tips that site has given me.

  13. I definitely stop in at the agent blogs, and also check in at for updates from time to time.

  14. Great list! Jennifer beat me to mentioning Guide To Literary Agents. It's a great resource too.

  15. I just discovered one this morning that in my cursory review looks pretty informative. I will be going back to check out more.

    c patrick schulze

    Looks like he offers novel writing tips, although like anything the tips probably have additional practical application.

  16. Sorry, Here's the actual link:

  17. I love the ones you mention as well. I also think Twitter is a valuable tool as well as the absolute write water cooler.

  18. I love all of these blogs! They are so great!

  19. Wow - I'm humbled you put QueryTracker on there. I'm sorta partial to that blog myself. *wink*

    I have to admit that I don't read many industry blogs anymore... I read author blogs and book blogs more. Is that terrible? Probably.

    But I love your 8 idea!

  20. you pretty much got all of them for me. :)

  21. Elizabeth, Thank you. Your blog is a wealth of knowledge!

    Jennifer, Right you are. So hard to narrow it down to 8.

    Julie, I loved it, too. That's why it's up there.

    Janna, I think I'll keep it around. We'll see how it goes.

    Nisa, Kids in bed = prime thinking time. Best word count time in this house.

    Kerrie, Good to see you. I'm going to go check that out now...b/c the kids are in bed. ;)

    Kristie, Feel free. I love the idea of writers helping each other out.

    Georgiana, Those are my regulars.

    Tamika, She just has a way about her that communicates so well through her posts, doesn't she?

    Destrella ;), My peeps...too funny.

    Patti, Thank you, but most of the time I feel weak. Weak is okay b/c at least I know He can use me.

    Tess, Great resource. Thanks for throwing it up there. Loved your post today!

    Joanne, Yes, I've been there. A good one.

    Susan, So hard. So hard. I am only one. There were only eight. :D

    Arlee, I love finding new ones. Going to check into that tonight too.

    T.Anne, Ah, the chirp. Made me feel so good last night when you wished me well on the new novel.

    Kristen, Yes, yes they are.

    Elana, Thanks about the eight and let me just say yours is one of my favorite voices out there right now. I'm not actually hearing it know what I mean...never mind. Well, mind, but I still have mine.

    Katie, Great minds. After my comment to Elana I was going to write need I say more...but maybe I've just confused the heck out of those who don't know how goofy I get after loooong duck dong days with the kids.

    I have powdered sugar on my keyboard right now. Any guesses what dinner was? You got it--pancakes. Nothing like a little breakfast for dinner. I think this 8 deal will stick. You all amused me with it and some of you added great other sites. Hooray.

    I'm almost at 10K on my WIP. I'm slappin' the thing down fast. Might need to go back to make sure the novel doesn't sound like my response to Elana. ;)

    Tonight I hope you know, even if you doubt it sometimes, there is a God who is madly in love with you.

    ~ Wendy

  22. What a fun post idea! I look forward to seeing what your future lists are. :-)

  23. I think I've read most of the ones you've listed. Good stuff!

  24. I love that list. I also like to look for articles on topis on the Writers' Digest website.

    I love the new Wednesday topic idea!!

  25. You are so good at staying consistent with your blog! I find it hard sometimes to set goals and stick to them. I like how you have running ideas, like the One Question Fridays. I try to set art goals so that I have something to think about and work on. I can totally relate with the process of brainstorming and loving that initial idea that comes to life. You get as much out of your head as you can onto paper, and then the challenges of fleshing it out can make you want to cry or quit. Yet you keep going because it's what you have to do. Art is my passion as I'm sure writing is yours.

    Great blog!

  26. Have you ever heard of 8TH DAY BOOKS ? That's the first thing I thought of. I used to read their catalogs for entertainment -- they were that good.

  27. Thanks for the sites. I have this site bookmarked so I can check them out later.

  28. Love this list, Wendy! I love these sites too... such great resources.

    (In fact...I'd love to use this post as a guest post over at MyCup2Yours, as some of my readers are interested in writing. If you'd be interested, send me an email.

    Hope you are doing well!



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