Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Year

Yep. That’s how long I’ve been blogging. I guess it would be a year and a day if we’re being technical, but again…I’m not a super technical person.

On my first blog post I quoted this Chinese proverb, “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.” (Not to confuse you, but I also really like the lyrics to U2’s, Stuck in a Moment—“I’m not afraid of anything in this world. There’s nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t already heard.” But that’s a different post for a different time.)

I originally began blogging in hopes to document movement—my thoughts that move. Did my thoughts move over the course of the last year? Yes.

Here’s how—

I’ve become a skilled lady in waiting. Anyone who has ever sent a query or entered a contest knows exactly what I mean. I’m referring to writing, but I wait in other areas of my life as well.

I told a truth, though the telling proved difficult and uncomfortable.

My Doritos-lovin’ friend, Boundaries helped me take my schedule off the torture rack.

I encouraged my husband in his role as spiritual leader of our home.

Friends have come out of the cyberspace woodwork and I’ve been blessed to understand technology in a different light. I made face time with friends a priority as well (and even met a critique partner).

I committed to caring less about what people think of me and caring more what God thinks of me.

Death loosened its grip on me. Or I loosened my grip on it. Over a year ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Wondering when is enough to drive anyone mad. I learned to surrender the when to God. We all have a when. It’s what we do with the not yet that matters.

I focused where I spent my time and attention. My kiddos got more of it.

I learned to listen to trustworthy voices.

I’ve cooked dozens of new recipes, refurbished six pieces of furniture, quilted two pillows, continued mentoring the senior high girls, set clear goals for my life, spoke for a MOPS group, joined a mom’s prayer group, participated in Bible studies, read over thirty books (and enough blogs about publishing to equal thirty books), wrote two books, hacked away at editing a book, wrote for numerous online sites, got word of forthcoming publications for four of my stories, wrote over a dozen book reviews, went to a book signing for the Chicken Soup book my story was in, and met wonderful people along the way…

Met wonderful people along the way.

I would not have grown in many of the above areas if not for the accountability, love and support I’ve garnered here and in my life beyond the computer. Thank you for your role in my growth.

To God I give all glory and praise.

Have your thoughts moved in the past year?

*bonus (this one has less to do with thoughts than state of mind)…I potty trained my youngest child, therefore deeming my house almost a diaper-free zone
**My thoughts have fluctuated in how they’ve moved. I wanted only to include the positive direction they’ve moved over the past year, but assuredly I have mountains to grow yet.
***photos by flickr


  1. Wow! What a year you've had! And so many blessings, accomplishments and healings!

    I pray that you will enjoy another year full of an abundance of blog blessings, blog friends and lots of acceptances of your writing for publication!

    Write on!

  2. Conngrats on reaching one year! Thanks for sharing all that you did and learned! I think you were one among the first group of people that I got to know when I started blogging! And I'm grateful for knowing you! :-)

  3. You have had a glorious year Wendy! I always amazed that God would choose us to choose Him, and then give us the opportunity to serve for His names sake. Wow- what a privilege!

    You are definitely growing in grace my friend. Congratulations!

  4. Wow. First off, congrats. Mine is coming up in March.

    I love this post. You've had many, many wonderful triumphs. (Not to mention the potty training, being one of the most wonderful.) =)

    I am just getting to know you and what strikes me most about you is your pure love for our Lord and Savior. I am thankful to know you and will love reading your posts in the coming year.

    You have been one busy lady. Wonderful post. I loved reading it. =)

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful blogging year! It was interesting to hear about the things that you learned. Thanks for sharing. Blessings for a wonderful year and wonderful posts:)

  6. Wendy, this is a life-changing post--I LOVE your honest self-examination.

    Hmmm, how have I changed in a year? Relied more on God than on "men" (that includes all homo sapiens!) Continue to focus on His joy rather than life's sorrows.

    I too thank God for the bloggite soulmates who teach me much. You're on the roll, girl. Thank YOU!!!


  7. Awesome! I love looking back to see how far I have come instead of always focusing on how far I still have to go. The biggest shift in my thoughts over the past year is moving from one who relies mostly on self to one who relies mostly on God. I'm really excited to be able to claim this accomplishment -- I have long desired it without knowing how to DO it. Now I know. I couldn't do it at all, I had to let God do it for me. And He did :-)

    Great post! I love reading the things you write.

  8. Congrats on your one year anniversary. Mine is in June. I have to say that God has blessed me beyond belief by the new friends I have found in the blogging world. I count you as one of those blessings.
    Have a beautiful day.

  9. Sounds like a great year! wonderful to be able to look back and see how far you've come. :O)

  10. I have enjoyed following your journey throughout the year. I need to take some moments and look at how far I have come in the last year as well. It is easy to look at how far you are from your goal instead of focusing on how far you have come from the start. Thanks for making me think of that. I am thankful that you started blogging and I am thankful that I found your blog. Congrats on a successful year.

  11. Sounds like you have growed up big time!

    Speaking of contests, stop by and enter my heavenly giveaway!

  12. WOW I love your progress this last year! You've been a busy bee and fruitful to boot! I guess we've been blogging for just about the same amount of time. I just love how the Lord moved his children together. What a great community this is. I'm glad to have met you Wendy!!

  13. Wow, a wonderful journey indeed! You're definitely NOT stuck in a moment ;)

  14. Wow! It's always neat to see where we've come from and realize we HAVE made progress after all. :-) Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  15. What an amazing year you've had! :-) You've done so, so much. I'm hoping my son is potty trained this year too for that diaper-free zone. LOL
    I'm really impressed with what you've accomplished. Also, your paragraph about death and your father struck me. Very moving.
    I hope this year proves as fruitful for you.

  16. "I learned to surrender the when to God. We all have a when. It’s what we do with the not yet that matters."

    oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh!!!! I love this Wendy, just love it. YOU are so wise. Thank you for sharing some of the depth of your wisdom with us. I hope to someday meet you and thank you face to face for helping me grow as a person and writer.


  17. I learned to surrender the when to God. We all have a when. It’s what we do with the not yet that matters.

    This really touched me, Wendy. Suffering teaches us how to live.

    This year, I've developed a realistic picture of what it means to "succeed" in publishing. Though it makes success a little less romantic, it's also GREAT preparation for what lies ahead. I may still have surprises along the way, but my awakenings won't be quite as rude as they would have been last year. ;-)

  18. Wow, you have done a lot in a year! I don't think I've ever refurbished a piece of furniture, and I make the same five meals every week. Okay, okay, I only cook like three times a week, but still. It's always the same.

    You are amazing!

  19. You're amazing Wendy! So many wonderful accomplishments! Isn't God good?! Looking forward to all He has planned for you! God bless!

  20. Happy one year anniversary. That's quite a feat. And you've built quite a following. Best wishes for an even more sucessful second year.

    Stephen Tremp

  21. Donna, Thank you for your kind words.

    Jody, I'm grateful to know you! You are the ultimate connector.

    Tamika, Ah, to grow in grace. I pray that is what's happening to me. Still...mountains.

    Robyn, Busy, yes. It's how I operate best. Potty training, just the word makes me smile now. Pure love--thinking on that. All too often it feels tainted and convuluted, leading me to just be so thankful he forgives.

    Karen, I received your wonderful well wishes. :)

    Patti, You've been such a consistent encouragement. I thank you for that. Wow, honest. I felt I left so much out b/c I wanted to focus on the positive.

    Tricia, Thank you for your words and more reliance on God is certainly something to celebrate!

    Amy, I hope you had a beautiful day. I count you as a blessing too.

    Diane, I finally found you since you switched your site. Didn't take me long at all. ;)

    GRG, I was moved by your blog today and how you applied God's wisdom.

    Deborah Ann, Still have lots to do yet.

    T.Anne, you are too much fun to know. I'm deeply grateful our paths have crossed.

    Joanne, No, I am not and if I happened to get stuck like the guy in Claire's camp on LOST last night, I'd probably saw my foot off to keep moving. Just how I'm wired.

    Sarah, Thanks. It's definitely been a few steps forward and a few steps back kind of year.

    Jessica, Thank you. That was my favorite to write b/c I love in Gladiator when the words "not yet" are spoken--so much symbolism.

    Jen, (Can I now call you that? ;) I hope to meet you too. Whatever wisdom came from me banging on these keys came from God. I take absolutely no credit.

    Rosslyn, I've been loving your journey posts...can't wait to keep reading. has taught me.

    Elana, I meant what I wrote on your blog today about voice. You got it goin' on! And amazing...plech! Try adequately sane (and even that's debatable). ;)

    Maria, God is good and I look forward to the future too.

    Stephen, the male representative of the crew...the followers are only there b/c I pay them. Thanks for the wishes.

    You all make this worth it for me. It just wouldn't be the same to write these bad boys and have no one read them.

    Here's to hoping your thoughts keep moving.
    ~ Wendy

  22. What a most wonderfully uplifting post! For everything that could have been taken negatively you turned into a positive. Something helpful and beneficial. You are an inspiration!

  23. Wendy:
    "I learned to surrender the when to God."

    This is a powerful statement. We all have to do this, especially when it concerns having a loved one depart.

    I thank you for your candor.

  24. It sounds like you've accomplished a lot, and that's wonderful! I hope I move within my first year of blogging in many special, rewarding ways. This is a great community. Through blogging, I've met a lot of wonderful ladies in Christ. More than I expected. Actually, to be honest, I never expected to meet any Christians, but that's almost all of the people I come in contact with - which is great! :D


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