Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kryptonite For The Ugly Voices

“Quieting these voices is at least half the battle I fight daily.” Anne Lamott

I’ve got something. Something.

I hear the voices when I sit to write. That’s when I’m taunted most. The ugly ones linger. They tell me I suck. They say my words are hollow, meaningless…of little to no impact.

But I told you I’ve got something.

Kryptonite for the ugly voices.

I’m paying attention. How does that feel? I’m reading up, studying, observing. Painful, eh? Need a little Tylenol, Voice?

Oh and by the by—By the By


The next time you rally, preparing to whisper or shout that I suck I doubt I’ll hear you. I’ll be too busy. Listening. Learning. Growing. Moving. Changing. Praying. Trusting. Improving. Repenting. Forgiving. And eh hem…WRITING.

Now, you tell me what is your kryptonite for the ugly voices?

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  1. Ooooh, I love being first to comment! Makes my day.

    My kryptonite is to put my bottom in the chair, say "shut up!" to the ugly voices, grab some cookies or gummy worms or a cup of tea, and write. Just like you. Good, crappy, or somewhere in-between, the main thing is, JUST WRITE. This makes God proud and the voices run away in disgust.

  2. Oh yes, I'll keep writing. I might change projects for awhile, but pen is to paper. And walking is a great help, always bringing a great perspective back to my thoughts. I like your list of activities because what it's really saying is that living life is the best antidote, giving us all the nourishment we need to write.

  3. It's so true how those ugly voices sweep in unannounced at the worst time possible. But I have found one little tiny piece of inspiration can erase a lot of the bad.

  4. Hahaa, I guess we're all going through the same thing. Just forcing the writing helps sometimes. I don't really have kryptonite for them, I just let them say what they say then press on. Which really isn't the most productive tactic. LOL

  5. I grit my teeth, narrow my eyes, and attack the computer. Yes, I possess two keyboards that have lost the little white letters.

    Attack! Charge! Win at all costs!

    There's at least one good thing about being competitive and stubborn.

    This music is fabulous. Talking in my sleep...

    Would love to chat more at my new blog.

  6. Love this post! I like shutting them down with a prayer and a toss of the hand. The harder they laugh the harder I write. Take that!

  7. I haven't found my kryptonite. May I borrow yours ;) I too am just trying to forge past them. I keep telling myself to stay positive and keep on writing.

    You are a wonderful writer Wendy. Keep fighting those ugly voices!!! Soon you will defeat them. Now if you could just hand over Clark Kent I'll be on my way....

  8. Oh, how I need kryptonite at times! I think prayer is our kryptonite.

  9. LOVE IT! Totally needed this this morning, as I am sitting down to write and the voices are harassing me! "Need some Tylenol?" SO FUNNY. My kryptonite is great music. I throw the headphones on and drown out the ugliness! :P

  10. These are all such good comments, and your post is a familiar 'voice' to all of us. I think these 'voices' are one of satan's favorite tricks for believers. My dad used to say...

    RECOGNIZE IT! (it didn't come from God)

    Stamp your foot and say NO if you need to!

  11. I let them get me down sometimes, I can't lie. Sometimes I can fight them with writing. Sometimes I fight them with positive self-talk. Sometimes I just give up and go read a good book. :)

  12. Excellent, Wendy. We all need kryptonite of some sort. Mine comes in the form of confidence, whether it's genuine or faked. If I at least pretend it's there, soon enough it really is. :)

  13. I agree completely. Writing is the best way to beat the voices back.

  14. Probably something along the lines of "Okay, I'll do it anyway. You're not going to stop me." And then, like a little kid I add, "you're stupid" and stick out my tongue. It doesn't always work, but then I just try to keep doing it anyway.

  15. Yay! Yell at those ugly voices! I'm actually using that doubting voice with my current book. The heroine hears the same things I do, so she's dealing with them for me. :)

  16. Yay, I love this! Tell those ugly voices who's boss! Can you tell mine who's boss, too?

    Well, usually if I need to get rid of those voices I work at something new. I find the passion for a great idea and immerse myself in it.

  17. I agree with Heather. Prayer is our kryptonite. I've read a lot of posts about that nagging voice of self-doubt today. Maybe there's something in the air. My nagging voice seems to have shut up today, and I couldn't be happier.

  18. What a cool way of looking at insecurity! Love that!! I've been learning so much today from everyone's comments on my blog! It's been SO encouraging to hear how everyone else deals with their insecurities!

  19. I like writing a poem when I am staring at the blank page with voices raging. The act of completing a piece of writing gives me courage to move on to my novel. Of course, this works better with a heavy dose of chocolate! ;-)

  20. By remembering that He enjoys who I am and not the who I think He wants me to be.

  21. Fabulous title - it pulled me right over.

    And, those voices creep up on me from time to time. I find your solution of writing through them to be the best remedy. That, and Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

  22. Great post. My husband is mine. He helps chase away the voices when all else fails. I don't know that I would've stayed with it this long without him. :]

  23. You guys are!! Whenver I feel that I am writing horridly or don't want to anymore, I come on here and post something and the encouragement is overwhelming!

  24. Jeanette, Tea is good for me. My voices fly. So fun to have you be the first one.

    Joanne, Getting out in nature clears away the cobwebs. Yes. And knocks the voices down.

    Julie, What a beautiful thing to hold onto. And yes, at the worst times.

    Jessica, I recognize their origin early on now and kick 'em to the curb. They don't deserve my time. But I have noticed an overall itch with insecurity going around.

    Patti, I'm also a fighter. Dig. My. Heels. In. I'll have to check it out soon.

    Tamika, Prayer is the most potent I find of all I listed above. It's a bee line to the source/the conqueror.

    Marybeth, Clark Kent? Really. Not so much for me. Thank you for your kindness. Yes, you may borrow it. God is big enough to be passed around.

    Heather, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Beth, Music...of course. I forgot that one. I don't use it so much to still the voices as to recharge, release or relax though if I'm honest.

    Sonja, Your dad spoke wisely. Great to see you drop by.

    Natalie, A good book. Lotion for the brain. I listen sometimes too and wallow, but at some point I fight and keep fighting. There is too much to be done here to allow distractions to win.

    Janna, I feel ya. Been there. Done that.

    B.J., What defense are they left with?

    Kristen, I love the "you're stupid"! Fantastic. I am picturing you doing that. Laughing. Sorry. I love people.

    Jill, Nice point. Use them constructively. Take back the power.

    Cindy, I like the idea of pouring myself into something new. Your voices told me they already know who is boss. That is why they talk so loudly. Really, they are afraid of the boss.

    Susan, I'm glad your nagging voice put a lid on it. I'm encouraged by that and your current state.

    Jody, I found it so funny how we aligned today. You know what they say about great minds. Like how I paired myself w/ you. I sure do try! ;)

    Tamara, The first one to write chocolate. Just reading your comment sprung a craving in me.

    Sande, Worded SO WELL.

    Tess. And there is Ben and there is Jerry. Hello, friends. Glad you came to this party. Mine would be little Dove chocolates. Take that, Voice!

    Tara, Three cheers for spouses. Nice nod. Worth mentioning.

    Terri, I've been feeling that big time lately. I greatly value my writing friends.

    Can't express much more.
    I love being back from my break.
    I love learning from you.

    I will fall asleep full of love and power that comes from the MOST HIGH GOD.

    ~ Wendy

  25. My cryptonite is God, prayer, writing. That's it. Nothing else can help me fight off the deluge of doubts. Great post!

  26. Ooh, I like this concept! I need a jar of Kryptonite! I need to scream, growl, let out all the pent up frustration that I'm feeling when the voices start and just write. I need to let out a gutteral, primal yell and then I can put my butt back in the chair and write. Just write. I love it :)

    Happy Wednesday,

  27. I've been writing professionally for newspapers and magazines for more than 25 years, and have to tell you that those "Kryptonite" voices really never stop. So I try to make friends with them. I listen to what they tell me, use what I can to improve, and try to move on. As a recovering perfectionist, I find it's not always easy to strike a balance between being careful and being insecure. But as you note in your post, the best thing is to keep writing! Thanks for the good thoughts.

  28. I plan on writing, no matter what I hear to the contrary. I may slow down a bit or have to overcome some crummy thoughts, but I will go forward:) Blessings!

  29. How I still the inner-critical voices about my own writing:

    1) Remember that I am not writing for everybody - I am working for those who can be helped/encouraged from what I write (even though I don't know who they are).

    2) Read something I have previously written and has been well received (a bulletin article; article in a journal/magazine; chapter in the book ROARING LIONS, etc.

    3) Submit something I have written to a friend for evaluation. Even if they give comments about what needs to be changed, they will always give something uplifting, too.

    Good question. wb

  30. Where do they sell that stuff and how much?

  31. Definitely could use some of that glowing green stuff right about now. I think for me it's wrapped in determination and service. If I feel I'm serving God by writing, no matter how crappy that writing may be, then I can stay determined and keep working at it. I just have to keep that mindset!

  32. Oh, what a fantastic post!! Thanks for the encouragement and honesty Wendy:) Prayer seems to be the overwhelming method of attack and defense for many, me included. I also have a $2 reproduction cookbook from the 1870s I found in a thrift shop when I started my research for my wip. This very real gift from God is a visual reminder that He equips me for the task at hand. :)
    Blessings from Australia!


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