Tuesday, October 20, 2009

String A Story Together

Have your children ever asked you to tell them a story when your brain feels like a deflated air mattress? You’re out of ideas for the day and here your little whosit wants you to be creative, something you normally thrive on, but you’re zapped. I hope what I’m asking isn’t the equivalent, but instead proves to be an enjoyable exercise for you.

I feel like giving you something. It’s not exactly free, but close. I’ll give you foot soak powder from Pier 1. Here’s what you need to do:

View the three pictures shown below and create a story. I’ll have my writer friend read through your stories and select one that she finds most compelling and creative. The goal is to write a paragraph (in six sentences or less) tying the pictures together, turning it into something fluid and connected.

Little kids string beads together. We string words together.

Six sentences or less.
Tie pictures together into flowing, cohesive prose.
Only play if it will be fun. If you’re head is a deflated air mattress and you don’t feel like playing, feel free to place your vote in the comments.
You have until Sunday to string your sentences. Monday, I’ll announce the wiener (did you see them on a line outside a market?).

Have at it. String away.

*photos by flickr


  1. Pier One! You know I love Pier One! I'll give this one some thought and try to give you a paragraph later!

  2. I love that first picture. If I get a chance, I'll write something. If not, I'll be sure to vote.

  3. Ooh Wendy! These are great pictures. I'll be thinking and if anything pops I be sure to enter. I'm not always as 'on-spot' as I would like to be.

    Either way, I'll be back to check the other entries at least.

    Very interesting contest premise.

  4. Ooooo...you have my interest...gotta think on it tho cuz, dang, you picked some interesting pics!! ha ha!
    How did it go last night? Get it all done?
    Hugs today,

  5. Funny you mentioned the kids wanting stories. My son last night wanted me to make up a story again about Spiderman and I just couldn't. I was too tired. I guess most kids do this? LOL
    Great pics! I may be back... :-)

  6. It's amazing how tough it can be to make up a story for our kids when we're exhausted!! Mine usually included my daughter and a horse. That always made her happy!

  7. I liked your blog. Hey, would you like to come to mine? Mine is at www.seraphlybloggerofearth.blogspot.com. Of my creative musings and such. Come follow and comment! I’d appreciate it and I am trying to get my voice as an author and artist heard!

  8. What a great idea, Wendy. Right now I'm rather deflated, but hope to return later with fresh ideas! Have a wonderful Tuesday evening. :)

  9. Okay, here goes:

    Hilda, startled, dropped her popcorn when the cocky peacock strutted her way, crowed and spread his tail feathers. She cried and ran away, not knowing Mr. P's favorite visitor handout is buttered popcorn. The mounted English barroness, surveying the castle grounds, familiar with Mr P's antics, alit and brought Hilda another bucket of popcorn.

    That's all I have for today. :0
    Fun contest. You are so smart!

  10. The little girl in blue was blue. She'd been told she was the prettiest of all but then she spied the peacock. His blue was brighter and his lacey tail swirled as he walked. She stood and spun yet couldn't get her own dress to dance as beautifully as the peacock's plumes.

    The lady watched from a distance and knew instinctively what the little girl was feeling. There will always be someone or something prettier, she thought to herself.

  11. I'm not competing for the prize, but here goes:
    It happened so quickly--bankruptcy, foreclosure on the Peacock Place house, flight with our daughter to the country. The "judges" are wrong again. Before they thought I was haughty when I was merely shy. Now they think I'm devastated. But I am relieved. I can finally find myself.

  12. Here is mine :)

    It's funny when I see her now. I know she is all grown up and that she is moving on to start her life, but when I look into her eyes all I can see is who she used to be. I can still see her sweet face, knotted up in fear and frustration when she was "lost" at the zoo. It was only 15 minutes but to her fragile four year old mind, it was an eternity that began when she followed the "bootiful pea-tock" off into the corner of the petting area. She was so little, so frail and so much in need of me to be the one who made the world ok again. So as I see her now, atop a magnificent beast and in complete control, I wonder where the time has gone and just when it was that my baby became a woman.

    Thanks for the chance to spin the mental wheels.


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