Friday, October 30, 2009

One Question Friday

Every Friday I’m going to ask a question. The questions I choose might be ambiguous on purpose. The goal is to have you answer the question according to your beliefs, where you’re at in life or a circumstance that might have recently impacted you. The only thing I ask is that you provide an explanation for why you answered the way you did.

It is my hope to understand you better through this and also to gain a greater understanding of humanity and how people make decisions.

Your question:

SOME of the answers or ALL of the answers?

*photos by flickr
**Congratulations to BINA for winning the tiebreaker for the
String a Story Together Contest (it was close and I thank Bina and Christina for being such good sports!) Bina, send me your address please.
***Zip over to
5 Minutes for Faith for a devotional I wrote.
****I’m going to go have a birthday this weekend!


  1. My brain gets overwhelmed often, so I like the answers in increments. All of them, but spaced out over time for processing.

    Love these one-question Fridays, by the way!!!

  2. all of the answers -- I like to be "in the know" and really stuggle with not knowing!

  3. Definitely some. I love it when a story, situation, conversation, is left open to an individual's interpretation.

    And raising my coffee cup in a Happy Birthday toast to you ... Enjoy!

  4. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    I need all of the answers. If I don't get one, it drives me nuts--and not in a good way! Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you eat lots of cake.

    Yeah Bina.... you go girl! :O)

    Some, if I had all the answers, I would be God-like and not need HIM!

  6. Happy Birthday Wendy!

    I only want some answers. God knows I can barely handle the small part I see now! Besides, the excitement of not knowing some things is great.

    Have a blast this weekend.

  7. Only brain goes to odd places with too much information!

    Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Wendy. I pray it is full of love and cheer for you!

    Thanks for the chance at was much fun.

  8. "Happy Birthday!!!!"
    And me too, I need all the answers. Have a great one.

  9. Those are some really awesome pics...I especially love the horse! I NEED the answers, and in the words of my two year old, "Alllll of dem."

    Have a beautiful birthday tomorrow. I hope this year brings you all of the blessings and joy that you SO deserve.

  10. Happy almost birthday!!!!!! I'll hug mickey for you at disney today!

    All of the answers. I actual have the answer book, our Father wrote it. I love him so.

  11. Some. I like to wonder about things and come to my own conclusions.

  12. Happy Birthday!

    Some of the answers. For me, seeking all of the answers leads to delusions of control. :-) I have to leave some things mysterious.

  13. Happy Birthday and congratulations, Bina!

    All of the answers and if you can't find the truth, then keep on looking!

  14. Some. What's the fun in knowing everything? That would take the wonder and excitement out of life. :-)
    Happy Birthday!!

  15. I would love to know all the answers, but if I did, then what would I learn? And I love learning new things!
    Congrats Bina! Hope your birthday is a blast Wendy!

    PS. Hope you don't mind but I'm borrowing 'New Day' from you & adding it to my playlist. It really touched my heart! Hope you don't mind. ;)

  16. Some of the answers. Life would be so much less interesting if we knew everything. :)

  17. Some of the some.

    I'm on information overload and can't handle all the answers.

    If I knew all of even some answers, I don't trust what might become of my pride.

  18. Some, my dear. If we knew all, we'd either be arrogant or depressed. Until we get to Heaven, then many of the answers we thought we needed to know won't be questions anymore. Did that make sense?

  19. I'll take some of the answers. I used to want ALL of the answers which lead me to live a anxious and fearful life. Trust is easier and yet harder. I only know some of the answers to life, but I'm okay with that. I continue to live and learn. :) Trusting in God to show me the answers when I need them and not a moment too soon. I'm always looking and listening though, cuz people like me want to know ALL.

  20. Some.

    I tried getting all of the answers and that didn't work. Now I'm grateful for any answers!

    Way to go Bina!
    Happy birthday Wendy!

  21. Happy birthday. I would love to have all the answers as long as I could understand them and they were applicable. It wouldn't do me much good to know the square root of pie divided by a million. Happy Halloween.

  22. Just some, please. I'm glad that, like children, there are things God keeps from us because our finite human mind cannot fathom the information.

    Have a wonderful birthday, Wendy!

  23. Some. All of the answers is like trying to be perfect and striving for that can take some of the joy out of life.


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