Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Meal

Not long ago, on the show Top Chef, I saw competing chefs cook what was called, a “Last Meal” for connoisseurs of the culinary craft. Each one of the skilled food gurus chose which foods they’d like to eat just before kicking the bucket. I thought I’d play with that morbid, but interesting idea a bit today.

My last meal:
Grilled salmon, with a brown sugar and butter glaze
A whole loaf of fresh baked bread (hey, it’s my last meal; I’ll nosh if I want to nosh)
A bowl filled with fresh raspberries
A vine ripe tomato
To drink: Prosecco
And for dessert: Chocolate! (not cake though, I’m not a huge cake fan)

Nice and simple, right? Although I certainly like an expertly marinated steak (I'm aware fine meat doesn't need any marinating) from time to time, what I’ve listed above would satisfy.

What would you want to eat for your last meal?
*photos by flickr


  1. Interesting vein of thought! Hmm. I really don't know, but food will be filling my head all day!

  2. Rather strange post, but I liked it. Steak (probably T-bone) wonderful lettuce salad with Rasberry dressing, big baked potato (loaded) and some wonderful cheesecake ( nuts and chocolate. Obviously this is my last meal...I could never eat all of this without feeling guilty. fun thoughts...Clella

  3. The picture of the bread is really making me drool! Yum!

    I love food, so this is a hard one. Crab legs, lasagna, pizza, a really good steak, BREAD!, and chocolate are my faves. Can I pig out and have them all? :)

  4. I just read Rebecca's short story on-line and suddenly an empty stomach seems just right. Sorry, I think at this moment my last supper would be starvation!

  5. One year, the hubby took me to the Top Of The World restaurant in Vegas. It sits atop the Stratosphere hotel/casino...the tall, space needle looking thing. It was amazing as the floor spun us around in a full circle overlooking the desert and the strip of Vegas...and as we turned, we were served Kobe beef.
    Ah. Maze. Ing.
    So, I will take Kobe beef, asperagus, garlic mashed potatoes and a warm roll.
    Hungry now...must be going.

    (PS - I have to be honest with you. The way the post is set up...I saw "grilled salmon" and then my mind filled in the words "brown bear" next. I think the picture got to me ha ha)

  6. wow - tough question! My last meal would be something French ... baked brie appetizer - duck with white wine infused cherries and a raspberry glaze... fresh baked bread, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and chocolate mousse for dessert!

    ** here's why: I am allergic to dairy - but LOVE it! So, if I was going to die anyway I would eat it! I am also allergic to asparagus - almost everything I listed has something I am allergic to in it ... but if it was my last meal - I'd DIG IN!! :P

  7. Hi Wendy - great blog!

    For my last meal, I think I would go with a really great Thai yellow curry over rice and fresh fruit.

    Come visit my blog if you have a chance! I'm doing a follower exchange right now.

  8. My last meal would undoubtedly be shark steak, grilled to perfection, a buttery side of garlic mashed potatoes, and firm asparagus.

    Dessert is a must- lemon, raspberry cheesecake with a dollop of whip cream on top.

    This is torture Wendy!

  9. I think I'd go for a cookout, right at my own home sweet home, burgers on the grill, corn on the cob, devilled eggs maybe. And a hot fudge sundae for dessert.

  10. My last meal could be anything! I'm not picky! Under one condition: I didn't have to prepare it! Any meal that I don't have to make is heavenly!

  11. What a great post! I love it.

    Rainboow trout, straight from the stream and grilled over a wood fire. No tartar sauce, just fresh lemon to drizzle over it.
    King's Hawaiian bread.
    Fresh steamed brocolli, carrots and zuchinni.
    Chocolate Creme Brulee for dessert. A ton of it.
    The darkest, richest coffee on the planet, ground fresh and prepared in a French press.

  12. I would have to request my Mom's smothered steak with my sister's Neiman Marcus rolls, hot pineapple salad and if truth be told, more than one dessert! I would have to have some kind of cheescake, Mom's coconut cream pie and of course, hot Krispy creme donuts.

  13. I think I'd want Italian food, with bread of course.

  14. Wow, incredibly healthy for a last meal. I love salmon, but my husband thinks salmon would kill him so I guess it's appropriate:) I would choose Mexican food.

  15. *mouth watering* My last meal would be a dinner from this really nice steakhouse the hubs takes me to on our anniversary. I'd start with their poppyseed rolls that are like doughnuts they're so good. Then Insalata Caprese, followed by Steak Diane (a steak so tender you don't have to chew it, topped with lump crabmeat) and garlic mashed potatoes. Finish it off with their 9-LAYER chocolate cake that they serve with two shot glasses full of ice cold milk. Oh, and I would want Bono as my waiter. I would die a VERY HAPPY woman ;P

  16. This question is too hard. I like to many things! My hubbie makes the best grilled steak and I do a mean seafood alfredo. I love green salad with fruit, nuts and goat cheese, and dessert-something chocolate, or creme brulee. Oh, gee, I got to thinking and that wasn't hard at all.

    But I'd also want...

  17. Tough question, I love food! That picture of bread looks wonderful. I'd probably enjoy Sushi or crab legs--maybe even a burger if I'm in the mood. Last night me and the family had a hibachi style meal and it was wonderful--I'd definitely go for that.

  18. Chocolate lava cake with you guessed it, chocolate fudge on top. The drink? Hot chocolate of course. For dessert? A dozen donuts. I'm full just thinking about it!

  19. Janna, filled mine all day.

    Clella, you described me very well, likable, but strange. :D Eat's guilt-free on here today.

    Jill, yum, crab legs!

    Eileen, totally cool, but I'm not sure which story that is. You've made me curious...

    Bina, brown bear with salmon coming right up! :D I forgot about mashed pototoes slopped w/ butter all over 'em.

    Lauren, I just developed an eh hem allergy to dairy within the past two years. That was a fun discovery. :D I've never tried duck, but now am so willing.

    Rosslyn, I signed on. Your meal sounds delicious and like something I need to try.

    Tamika, oh, shark steak...another must try. I'm surprised by all the asparagus. And I liked how you wrote a dollop!

    Joanne, I love devilled eggs (so not New England, though). Perhaps I'll have to join you for that meal sometime. Ha! :D

    Jody, cheers and point taken and 100% agreed with!

    Jeanette, okay, I salivated just reading chocolate creme brulette...I didn't know there was such a thing...for shame! And I absolutely fell in love with your description of the trout over a wood fire.

    Ava, I'm so proud of you going for more than one dessert!!! Hot pineapple salad has me thinking and I was endeared to the fact you chose your mom's cooking.

    Susan, keepin' it simple. My kind of woman.

    Jessie, I think I made Mexican food jealous b/c it's a close second in my cuisine options. Funny about the hubby.

    Beth, you had me at poppyseed roles that taste like doughnuts! And how brilliant with the milk! Bono might be unable to serve you, however, b/c his full-time job is serving me. :D Hope you sang hard last night.

    Karen, seafood alfredo and goat cheese, woman, you're talkin' my language!

    Cindy, sushi! And I love hibachi.

    T.Anne, A dozen donuts! Nicely done! You make me proud.

    For this exact reason, I've begun monitoring my status update on FB and refuse to Twitter. How could you resist not talking about food all day. Reading your menus was exciting...probably the reason why one of the few channels that holds my attention is the Food Network.

    Too much fun! Thanks for entertaining me yet again. We had left-overs tonight. :D

    Here's to being grateful God blessed our bellies full and to prayer for those who aren't so fortunate.

    ~ Wendy

  20. I'm addicted to potatoes. Yes, I know that's not too exciting, but it is my comfort food. I'll eat them baked, french fried, potato chips, potato salad, hash browns, etc. And dessert is a touch one because I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I'd have to say rum raisin ice cream.

  21. Yours is so eloquent! My last meal would be....a butter burger and fries from Culvers! Yummmm!

  22. I remember that episode and wondering what I would have as a last meal. I am thinking something Italian (probably lasagna or chicken parmesian), fresh asparagus in melted butter, warm bread, Pinot Grigio to drink and chocolate mousse for dessert. Okay, now I am just hungry.


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