Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I’m Writing

Do you ever think about the different things you’re working on? Today I did and I’m now in serious prayer about my writing overload.

I’ve been busy. As have you, I’m guessing. I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been busy writing.

  • My goal is to blog here at All in a Day’s Thought four to five times per week. Heads up, if you are new to my blog, I’m usually MIA on the weekends.

  • Every Monday I write for Live Beautiful.

  • Every other Tuesday, I blog for Exemplify Online.

  • Every other Friday, I write devotionals for 5 Minutes for Faith.

  • Mid-month I write a how-to article for Exemplify Online Magazine as a contributor.

  • I’m constructing a polished outline for an upcoming talk with M&W Ministries.

  • I also occasionally submit short stories or articles to online sites, magazines, contests, etc. Several works are awaiting publication.

  • I’ve been asked by the Music Director from our church if I could help write the Night of Joy Christmas skit montage.

  • I’m reading three books carefully to write three thoughtful book reviews.

  • Today was my first day of Bible study where we are working through, Living the Gospel in Relationships and I’m hacking through homework.

  • Currently, I’m also tackling Donald Maass’ workbook, Writing the Breakout Novel.

  • And the one that probably demands most of my attention, I’m writing my third women’s fiction, Noble Efforts to Engulf the Moon (28,000 words in.)

  • I haven’t even mentioned the journal I keep, marking down sweet and funny moments with my children.
So, with all this writing going on, I have to admit I beamed when I overheard my husband telling my children the other day that mommy’s job is to write.

Now, I just need to reevaluate some things so that I’m able to write and write well.

Tell me what you’re working on…

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  1. Wow...And I thought I was bogged down! You make me look lazy! LOL.

    I've been quite the busy bee, but not quite that busy :)

  2. Right now I'm working on finding a way to get me one of those fancy pens in the pretty!

    I'm writing, writing, writing. Although, my efforts only include my blog and my MS! Really like the title of your 3rd novel!

    How sweet of your husband to say that to your girls, and how affirming for you!!

    Side note: My word verification was "krapplex" is that like a crappy duplex? ;P

  3. What an incredible feeling! Good for you!

    That's a lot of writing! And your book sounds fascinating! I can't wait to hear more!

    Right now I'm trying to figure out things for my life right now. Changes are coming (tba in the next few weeks) as far as my life and right now I'm just trying to find the hours in the day, prioritize, etc. :0)

  4. WOW! To God be the glory!

    It's good to hear you are working heartily as unto the Lord. I feel compelled to say what a wonderful work you have committed to.

    I am embarking on my first WIP in Contemporary Christian Fiction. I am five chapter in, 12956 words and counting. Recently I joined the blogsphere!

    Thanks for the encouragement to kick into high gear!
    Blessings to you...

  5. Wendy...all I can say is WOW!! Like Marybeth, I now feel lazy in just trying to be faithful to one daily blog (not that as many read it as yours, but for myself and my own walk with the Lord)...BUT I know that He calls us each to our own purpose and I will be praying with you as you work thru the pile on your desk...that His glory would shine thru ALL you do!! Many many hugs!

  6. I got tired just reading your list. I am actually sitting here right now trying to write a blog post and I am stuck just on that one task.

  7. Hm, I've been working on putting together a website, so I'd like to get that moving along and finish it up soon!

  8. You just made my head spin! How do you keep up with all of that? I write my blog, I am revising my completed manuscript, and I also keep a journal. I have two WIPs which I haven't touched in a while. I'm not sure how you do it, but I am impressed. Good for you!

  9. Golly! You are one busy mama!

    Mine is similar, except that the freelancing is a bit different. Geebers, we need help. But I love every second of it. ;)

  10. It's validating to have a supportive husband. I'm working for three different clients as a writer, for two clients as an editor, working on my YA novel, maintaining my blog, maintaining one of my client's blogs, working as the acting marketing director for a client, and taking care of my home and family, which includes a six-year old, a two-year old and a dog. And I'm also helping my husband to get a home-based business started. But here's a moment that makes it all worthwhile: My son drew me a picture of fairies. He said that because I write about fairies, he thought he should draw me some. Good luck with your writing. :]

  11. You are doing awesome!! How did you come up with your title for you book? Cool!
    I am working on my fourth book, editing my third, writing cards for Blue Mt Arts, blogging and lots of journals:)

  12. I'm with everyone else. LOL That's a TON of writing. What a sweet hubby too! :-) It obviously is your job and I'll bet you're good at it.
    I'm going through my manuscript tonight, checking for typos. ;-)

  13. Marybeth, didn't mean to make you feel lazy. It's funny, you'd take one look at the mess around my house and you might grasp for that same word about me.

    Beth, I thought that pen was sharp, too. Thanks about the title. I played with a dozen options and narrowed it to 3-4. I liked this best. It fits. What my husband said did feel very affirming. Webster says yes, that is in fact a crappy duplex! Nice.

    Kristen, prioritizing...ah, the golden ring to grab. I can't wait to share more about the book. It's nestling in deep. These characters! I tell ya! (Okay to use two punctuations today...I've been informed it's is National Punctuation Day) Here's to that!

    Tamika, I followed you b/c you wrote to God be the glory. Amen! Fat blessings back at you.

    Bina, I'm just sifting through it all and today I shocked myself when I put it in writing. Am thinking of throwing off some things. Prayer will help.

    Get Real Girl, you have big reasons and changes that might make it difficult right now. I'm great at saying no...I just took on one project, then another and all of a sudden I have all this on my lap. That's somewhat new for me.

    Joanne, I've got a hunch your website will be phenomenal!

    Lazy Writer, my head spins daily. It's fun, really. I haven't touched MS #2 on purpose before I jumped into 3.

    Janna, did you just write golly? :D And then follow it with Geebers. What did I just get slapped back into a Leave It to Beaver episode? Just having fun with you. B/c your words were too much fun.

    Tara, aha...I found someone with a head spinning faster than my own! I love that your son drew that picture for you. Kids can be so purely thoughtful.

    Terri, thanks, as are YOU. Oh, the title...that is so much fun for me. I'm playing on light/dark symbols and some specific aspects that tie in words from the title. Symbolism, of course. Wow, how is editing at the same time as writing a new one? I know I've written this to you before, but I loved Blue Mt. cards as a teenager. I'd read them over and over.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to see what I'm busy doing. I'd hate to have you think my girls are just playing tag with each other and watching TV all day. Not so. I'm an expert Cranium player and I've played more Little People games w/ more variations of plots than you could imagine. As Tamika wrote, to GOD be the glory. He blessed me with intensity and energy. The two go well when there's lots of living to do.

    Sleep and know that His mercies are new tomorrow morning, as they are every morning.
    ~ Wendy

  14. Jessica, I am here. I am here. I am here. Haven't quite signed off. We must have been writing at the same time. My man surprises me with sweetness sometimes. Word cracks me up with typos. Hope it goes well tonight.
    ~ Wendy

  15. Wow, girl, you're busy! I write on my blog. Currently, I'm doing one final revision on my manuscript so I can send it out to those who requested a proposal. I'm also working through Maass' workbook as I outline my second novel in the Under Heaven stories.

  16. I already know I'll be depressed when I finish writing this ...

    Start the day with the Lord
    Be a good wife
    Homeschool five darlings age 4 thru 16
    Teach class on Bible Culture at home school co-op
    Shuttle darlings to piano, violin, orchestra, dance, martial arts, work, and multiple church activities
    Regularly visit a doctor for one daughter's allergy issues
    Visit another doctor for other daughter's eye problem and pending surgery
    Write daily posts for blog
    Write a guest blog post here and there
    Follow (more or less) just under 50 blogs I enjoy
    Feed Facebook addiction because of all the people I love who I only see there
    Visit Twitter here and there
    Stay in touch with people I'm mentoring and/or counseling and/or just friends with
    Stay in touch with mother(!), mother-in-law too
    Assist Sunday school Sunday mornings
    Lead worship music Sunday nights
    Worship dance (new!) in lieu of drama team on Wednesday nights
    Edit manuscript per agent for maybe interested editors
    Put together non-fiction book on Names of God
    Finish other novel (next book in series)
    Stay in touch with the Lord
    Go have a good cry about the ways I fall short in relationships
    Go back and talk to the Lord some more ...

  17. (P.S. ~ I know you asked about writing in particular, but almost all these activities involve writing directly or are where I do my writing as I carry it around)

  18. Right now, it's all I can do to keep my head above water. I'm a full-time teacher, I have a manuscript I'm ready to seriously revise, and I am raising two children. These are not in order of importance, BTW. I also read my Bible daily and try to pray purposefully--though more often have a running conversation with God--and do various church activites like help with children's ministry and sing.

    So, I'm seeking God's will. I definitely see my teaching as a ministry of sorts. But I have to seek His will in writing: am I more effective doing routine local church activities or writing? Nothing wrong with either, surely--I just do not have time for both.

    You've given me a reason to turn to God in prayer again, Wendy. Thank you for this thoughtful post!

  19. Anne L.B., Whew doggie, you ARE busy. My lips curled in a smile when I read you are putting together a Names of God book! YES! I'm buying.
    I appreciated learning about how your day unfolds.

    Gwen, smart to know what you do and don't have time for. That's what I'm praying through. Putting it down on paper opened my eyes a little and when I saw my list, my eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger.

    I love this communication, ladies.
    ~ Wendy

  20. you are amazing. all that writing. wow. Me? editing and preparing to publish my first book, writing aricles for magazines, writing a professional article which involves a ton of research, and blogging.

  21. You are busy, girl! I am almost finished with the first draft of my current novel. That and a blog keep me pretty busy outside of my day job and my job as a parent/wife.

  22. WOW!!! I am very impressed by all this. I am ashamed that I am not writing nearly as much as I should. But, this is my work in progress, I have been in a personal transition and have been sidetracked a bit. I am trying hard to get back on track and write more. My current projects, pale in comparison to yours are:

    1. Keep writing for my blog, The Writer Today. I have discontinued the writing prompt blog I had (Just To Write) so I can put all my efforts on the one blog.

    2. Read the bible everyday and write my thoughts from what I read or am inspired with.

    3. Getting my writing resource materials organized and I am really focusing on studying the writing craft so I can be a better writer.

    4. I am reevaluating my goals as a writer, my purpose in writing and my ideas for future writing.
    You are doing a great job and your writing is inspiring.


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