Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everyone’s LOL

Everyone’s LOL.

Not me. I’m not pullin’ an Eeyore or anything; I’ve just never been crazy about abbreviations. It’s likely I’m resisting having to learn them now because when my daughters are teenagers I’ll have to go to school to decode them.
~~So here’s how it goes in my thoughts (reminding you that’s where we are when we read this blog)…I see the abbreviation, my mind frowns, and I immediately make the mental “correction” saying, “laughing out loud” to myself.

I’m also not a huge fan of BFF either, but that’s another abbreviation for another time.

Now that my aversion of abbreviations is out, let’s do something about it today. Let’s play a game with LOL, fling it around a bit as a cat might play with a feather and ball on a string. (Do they have this invention for cats? If not, I imagine they’d quite like it). Back from tangent central. Here’s the way to play: Come up with your own term for LOL other than the obvious. I’ll give you some examples, and then have at it. I’m excited to read what you come up with.

Lovingly Ogling Ladybugs
Lingering On Linguistics
Lettuce On Limburger
Lead Ossification Letter
Loopy Over LOL

Have fun and remember life doesn’t always need to be serious.

*photos by flickr


  1. What's BFF stand for anyway? I can never remember that one.

    LOL: Looking onto Loululemons

    Guess where we're going today?

  2. That last photo of the tubers is hilarious!

    Licking Outstanding Lasagna
    Llamas On Leave
    Loving Others Loudly

  3. That is so funny! I just had this exact (okay, maybe not exact, but pretty close) conversation with my husband last night.

  4. I love LOL! But I draw the line at ROTFL. (Got to draw it somewhere) :)

    BFF= Best Friends Forever.

  5. I'm the same way, Wendy! Other than the two you mentioned, I have no idea what most acronyms mean. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who makes those words!!!

    Hmm... Let Owls Leap?

  6. Ha ha, Lettuce on Limburger--that makes me laugh. Erica got me yesterday with WYSIWYG. I think I held my mouth open with a long "Uh...." for about three minutes before I went "Ooooohhhh." What you see is what you get. Yeah, I'm not so good at these either, though I admit to overusing LOL. Sorry.

    Oh, now I can't even think of one! Where's my mind today? I'm taking my daughter to the zoo today--we're waiting for my mother-in-law--and she keeps talking about "dolphins". I can't concentrate with dolphins in my head :)

  7. Oh dear. I am the abbreviation queen. But no offense taken because I LYLAS ;)

  8. I belong to a few online communities and that's the way it goes...you just have to know what they all mean. I admit, it makes posting replies much easier and quicker!!!! One of the communities I belong to is a Disney board...all things Walt Disney World!! And that's how we talk to each other...there is a whole slew of abbreviations just for Disney related things. Knowing the lingo kinda makes me feel special..part of a secret club with a handshake and our own language!!

    As far as LOL goes....sometimes it's extremely hard to know exactly how someone is saying what they're saying in an email, twitter post, facebook message, etc....you can't know the tone they're using when they type something....sticking "LOL" at the end lets the reader know the typer is being silly or just joking around.

  9. Loads of Lollipops!

    And really...what is it about that BFF that seems so...crude? I know what it means and yet I always have to remind myself of it. Where does my mind want to go with BFF? I just don't know.

  10. I don't have teenagers, so a lot of this is lost on me as well. My husband happens to be a computer teacher, so he sees and understands a lot of it. LOL is really the only one I use at all, because most of the others I don't understand. Someone used ROTFL the other day, and I had to Google it to find out what it meant (Rolling on the Floor Laughing)!

    Lady of Laughter
    Listener of Ludicrousness

  11. Oh man, I use LOL all the time. Now I better watch it.

  12. Layering Outrageous Linguistics

    Ha ha - what gets ME with LOL is how many people really ARE laughing out loud when they write that. It has become a passive way of saying "yes, I noticed what you said and don't have a response so I will LOL you"...or is it just me?
    Huggles today!!

  13. Ha! I love my LOL!
    Living Outside Loudly?
    Eh, I'm not creative, but I really liked the licking lasagna one. LOL (heehee)

  14. Lack Of Laugh
    Logging Out, Later,
    Lot Of Love

    Fun idea, now I'm totally confused! :0

  15. Loving Our Lord (of COURSE!)
    Live Outrageous Love (is there another kind?)
    Last One Laughing (if I gotta think on the joke)

  16. T. Anne, I'll be Last One Laughing on this one. What's LYLAS?

  17. Eileen, I really wanted to understand you...but your message was lost on me, all but the BFF, which means Best Friends Forever. Where DID you go?

    Janna, I think I might do that, Love Others Loudly. I have a toddler that likes to play very loudly. That last picture was my favorite, too. Especially the cat! :D

    Heather, now I'm curious about what you both concluded. I know it is just a weird pet peeve of mine.

    Jennifer, I love that you're drawing a line somewhere! I don't know why I feel the need to be rebellious by not writing LOL? Might be fun for someone to pyschoanalyze that. :D

    Kristen, Leaping Owls, of course. Am thinking of the ten lords a leaping song for Christmas now.

    Cindy, dolphins still splashing around up there? How was the zoo? One year we must have taken the girls 20 times. We got a little addicted. We don't have a good one nearby. No worries about the LOL usage. I'm good at granting grace. :D I figure I need a lot of it.

    T.Anne, you lost me at queen. What?

    Stephanie, you prompted me to share this: my two daughters were talking about secret handshakes today. Finally in the car they shouted up to the front to me, "You and Daddy should come up with a secret handshake." I assured them we had one and burst out in laughter. Truly, what is wrong with me? I agree with LOL comment. Tone gets complicated.

    Rick & Monique, reminds me of beef now that you've got me thinking on it. Glad you swung by.

    Beth, took me awhile with that one too. I felt both ancient and like a baby at the same time not being able to "get it." Oh, Lady of Laughter, that would be a great stand-up comic name for me! :D

    Terri, you know me. I'm dangerous. Watch out, Lady of Laughter will comment on your LOL's every time. :D

    Bina, huggles back at you. I think you nailed it for me. It has become cliche, overused and people don't even really mean it. I mean when you write LOL I want to believe you are really behind your computer with milk coming out the nose or one of your family members is asking, "What's so funny?"

    Jessica, should I send you to the naughty step. You even wrote it twice in your response, woman. Cracking me up. Literally, I'm in my seat cracking!

    Karen, it was a conspiracy. Really, I just wanted to confuse the heck out of everyone so they'd no longer abbreviate with LOL.

    Anne, Amen! Outrageous and Ridiculous--I'm all over it. So me on the last one laughing. I'm with you on T.Anne's. Man, I still have SO much to learn!

    Oh, you keep me all young. I appreciate the playful attitudes today and that you didn't cyber-stone me b/c I'm intolerant of stupid things. I'm hoping you rest well, wake up refreshed and basking in the Truth that God loves you with a crazy love!

    ~ Wendy

  18. I love abbreviations. How about Love Others Long.


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