Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Color Contest, Picture #1

Bright Blue eyes
Originally uploaded by pinkpompom

What an unbelievable chance for you to showcase your writing skills! Today I’m holding a color contest. Here’s how to be in the running for a FREE Southern Living Christmas book:

  1. Follow my blog. If you don’t follow already (and why the heck not?) go ahead and click to follow under Inspirational and Curious People Who Read this Blog.
  2. I’ve provided three unique pictures. In TWO sentences or less, describe ONE picture to the best of your ability (make sure to indicate which one you’re describing.)
  3. I hate rules, so I’m keeping them to just three. The one key and why I’m calling it a color contest, your imaginative description MUST include one or more colors.

My close friend, an avid reader and writer (initials E.B., though she didn’t write Charlotte’s Web) will judge your answers based on creativity and clever usage of color. Remember, don’t force it. If something inspires you, go with it. It’s worth risking it here on this blog. I’ll announce the results tomorrow and send the winner a new book (still in plastic wrapping) within weeks. Give it your all and color me happy!

*photos by flickr


  1. I'll have to muse on it and come back...

    beautiful pics!

  2. His green eyes stared out at me like marbles--round and shiny--drawing me in. I needed to know more about him.

  3. I posted on the blog for the pic that I chose (#2) I need to move it to this one? Sorry - I promise I DID read the instructions before I posted, but that part wasn't so clear and I noticed that someone else posted for #3 here. I know, there is one in every, it can be me.
    Thanks, Wendy - hope your day is being blessed! ;)

  4. Didn't know where to write this, but all of the responses have been delightful to read. Excited to see what E.B. says.

    I'll be letting you know mid-morning tomorrow who won. Thanks for participating and putting up with the craziness of the three different blog posts. You all are exceedingly entertaining.


  5. Ohps, I should mention the contest won't close until 8:00am tomorrow just to wet your whistle if you haven't yet posted your description.

  6. What a fun contest, Wendy.

    I chose picture #1.

    One look at Brittany's amber hair pulled back into a casual pony tail transported me to an earlier time when life revolved around slumber parties, the cute guy in social studies class and Mom's scrumptious potato salad. My niece's clear blue eyes, the color of forget-me-nots, coupled with that hint of a smile beneath a dusting of freckles invited me to drop my cares and spend an afternoon camped over a game of Monopoly with her as I recaptured the carefree days of my youth.

  7. Great idea! I'm having trouble coming up with anything creative right now, grumpy kids in the background, ew. But very cool pics!

  8. That's a neat challenge. I'll have to ponder this one. The middle picture sure grabbed me!

  9. #1.

    She is the perfect picture of a summer day with her sweet honey colored blond hair her pale sky blue eyes and blushing peachy cheeks. You can almost smell the fresh verdant grass as well as the scene of excitement for what the day will bring in her eyes!

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