Thursday, August 27, 2009

Triumphant Hibiscus

I have this in my front yard. Gorgeous, isn’t it? I noticed something particularly fascinating about our hibiscus this year. The Japanese beetles attacked. Do you see the leaves laced with miniature holes? That’s the damage they did. What I like, what shouts triumph to me is how beautiful the hibiscus flowers blossomed. They weren’t touched, unaffected.

This could be us. We can endure hardships and trials that leave holes us, that worm through our lives damaging our state of being. But God, in His infinite grace and mercy desires to turn us into the enormous tissue-like petals fanning the sun. And it’s only because of Him and His Spirit that we could ever look anything like the picture I posted. In fact, it’s the crimson-colored center of the flower that reminds me most of His Spirit in us and the blood He shed. The eye immediately is drawn to the center, the part that looks like a tower of ethereal needles. Notice how that part seems to be naturally reaching out?

As we prepare to say farewell to our flowers, do you have one in your yard that resonates with you?


  1. Oh, Wendy, thank you a mountain and a sea for this lovely photo and the illustration you drew from it. What an encourager you are!

    My roses bombed this year due to neglect, but their scent was sweet nonetheless. I hope the fragrance of Jesus in my life reaches out to draw people to Him, even when I feel dry and alone.

    Blessings on your life and your garden,

  2. I love this analogy. I have some pretty flowers growing outside my office window but do you think yet I've learned their names here?? No! but I appreciate them anyways:)

  3. Hi, Wendy! That flower is beautiful!

    Unfortunately, I don't have any flowers in my yard. But every year, in the summer, tiger lillies cover my part of the South. I love them so much. They are definitely my favorite flower. They speak of life to me!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! My mom grows the hugest hybiscus flowers, but I've never had much luck with them. Yours looks fabulous even with the beetle damage! THanks for joining the garden party!!

    I'd have to say for me, my favorite flower to watch open is lupins. They're so colourful and just never know which one is which colour until they open and they're always sprouting new babies. Love that!

  5. I have these rose bushes right outside my office. I love looking at them while I'm writing. I'm not looking forward to the winter when they aren't in bloom.

  6. I want this in my front yard! It's beautiful! My black-eyed susans are starting to fade, and they're sooo pretty! Pretty soon it'll be time to get mums.

  7. Beautiful picture. My favorite flowers are the dandelions my sons bring to me. I love that they see something beautiful instead of weeds.

  8. Must you make me weep!? :)

    I have those in my back yard. The miracles that surround us. Thanks for helping me notice.

  9. In my yard I are two giant, 6-foot, gardenia bushes. You always know when the blooms are on even before you see them by the smell. Wonderful! I want to have a pleasing aroma to the Lord, too. Great idea!

    BTW, the leaves on your plants look like lace, a intricate tapestry framing your lovely flower.

  10. Unfortunately I don't know the names of the plants in my yard. LOL But inspiring post! ;-)

  11. As much as I love the flowers in my yard, I'm always excited for the change of seasons. I love, love, love fall! I love everything about fall. So, bring on the mums!

  12. Jeanette, that's what it's mostly about with me and flowers...the aroma! I love that you thanked me a mountain AND a sea. Excellent.

    Terri, I didn't know the name. My friendly neighbor taught me most of mine.

    Kristen, the owner before us planted the hibiscus. I'm thankful. I'm afraid my lack of green thumb would have found a way to kill them.

    Eileen, what are lupins? I'm so curious, I think I'll go look it up. That was my favorite thing about this write up...the flower looks the way it does b/c of God--I can take 0 credit.

    Lazy Writer, what an inspiration to see as you write. I'm grateful for the towering trees out my window. It makes a huge difference if you ask me.

    Jill, leave it to you to find a way to put a positive spin on things. I forgot about mums. I'm not much of a flower connoseur so you pepped up my farewell.

    Tara, thanks for coming back. What a wonderful thought, that the giver of the flowers makes the flowers all the more special.

    Suzanne, miracles, yes. Yes.

    Karen, a tapestry...I see it. Gardenias have to be one of the most fragrant! Breathe in for me.

    Jessica, I love that you commented anyway. :D

    Heather, since I don't go to school anymore (though I would in a heartbeat) fall is now my favorite season. The smells are just as delicious.

    Well, Ladies...can you tell I'm a smeller. It's a noble description and one I'm quite proud of. Get ready for your one question is truly a thinker.

    Hoping your night explodes with the kind of laughter where milk comes out of your smeller.

    ~ Wendy

  13. Better late than never...I have a hydrangea!!! They're a cheerful, but they go dormant during the winter - I think that captures me kind of perfectly! My mood definitely sways with the weather! :)

  14. The only flowers I have in my yard are these pretty yellow and purple ones...but oh, wait, those are dandelions and weeds. They're very resilient things though. Come back every year, no matter how often hubby sprays the lawn. Not sure what the take home lesson is on this one...

    Anyway - great post!

  15. That's a beautiful picture! My wife has two butterfly bushes on the side of the yard. They draw dozens of butterflies every day that I would enjoy more if my son would quit running up and scaring them off.

  16. What a beautiful picture and words! Your post really spoke to my heart, thank you :D We have a 12' sunflower that hasn't even begun to get its head yet... but the stalk is so huge and supports the weight of the whole thing... pretty amazing design.

  17. Beth, my favorite! Dormant in the winter...I hear that!

    Katie, loving that you listed your weeds. There are some truly beautiful weeds out there. Resilient, indeed.

    Billy, you have one smart and creative wife. Wish I knew what a butterfly bush was. :D I bet your son is an expert butterfly shoo away-er.

    Rhonda, sunflowers are brilliant! I love sharing with my children how ingenious God is to create such a magesty of designs.

  18. It's so encouraging to know that God continues to grow us, holes and all! Thank you for sharing this...

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