Thursday, August 13, 2009

Code Mode

It's been awhile! I'm glad to be blogging again. It's good to be back in my thoughts.
Decode the word picture and then let me know how you'd answer it.
*photos by flickr


  1. I have cup doe sky how swing moon clock. ???

    I'm not very good at this am I....but I so want to play on my blog!!!

  2. Here goes...

    I have wondered how you are doing?????

    that's my best guess!


  3. I'm not good at these at all, but I always have to come down to the comments to see if someone else can enlighten me. It looks like the guessing is just starting so I'll have to "swing" by later.



  4. I have wondered how you have time?

    Welcome back!!!

  5. Those are some good guesses up above, I can't wait to see what it means!

  6. I'll give it a go:

    I have enjoyed dear sunsets, tunes, the moon, and swing time.

    I'm dying to know the real mystery!

  7. Darn you Wendy Miller and your mind games! So, I think I just got it while driving my kids home from the fountains!!

    "I have wondered how you have been!"

    Am I right, am I right???? (Who's an overachiever, um, that'd be me!)

  8. I think Jill is right. Do I get points for that?

  9. Marybeth, glad you gave it a shot. I loved your guess.

    Robin, ohhhh so close! Blessings to you!

    Shaye, hope you swing by to see the end result.

    Thanks, Beth. It's good to be back.

    T.Anne, get ready for the drum roll...

    Jill, of course all of what you wrote is true, but not quite *it*.

    Beth, hi again. Sounded a little too much like my husband in your first sentence. :D

    You are correct! Watch confetti and balloons falling. Verbal kudos thrown your way.

    Terri, you crack me up. No, no points for you...soup nazi anyone?

    It is wonderful to be back in the land of my thoughts. Debating about whether to toss out a One Question Friday or to mix it up with a book review...I like the question floating around up I think that one will win in the mind show down.

    Sleep well and may the best mental cowboy win.

    ~ Wendy


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