Monday, August 3, 2009

Charging Characters and Opening Doors

Today I want to give you some life updates. I’ve gotten older, not in the sense of having a birthday, but every day I’ve gotten one day older. This doesn’t upset me as it might upset many women. From about age twenty; I’ve claimed I look forward to being fifty. Ah, the wisdom that comes with age, with time. Anyway, every day I grow a little older. Do you?

Life Updates:

I’m approximately 10,000 words shy of ending my second novel. As I wake up and fall asleep though, something mysterious is happening. While I dine at the home of my current characters, I keep hearing someone (more than one person, actually) pounding on the door. They are undeniably persistent. You’ve seen the scene in Lord of The Rings (I apologize, I don’t remember which one—I think maybe Two Towers) where the Orcs pummel the door of the safe tower with the enormous flaming log? That’s what the characters of my third novel are doing to my thoughts. Lessons on courteousness, timing and patience will be a must as I first meet them on the page.

I’m a columnist for Exemplify Online and my first article, How-To Fight Fair is featured in this month’s issue.

My article, Give Me Your Eyes was published in the WEFC Weekly this week.

My short story, The Pond is featured (along with Katie Ganshert’s story) in Christian Fiction Online Magazine this month (August).

My children have been growing each day, too. Because of this, I’m making concerted efforts to spend time with them and pour into them.

I’m reading a lot of books right now, but am basking in the greatness of Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl (book review soon to come).

My ten year wedding anniversary is fast approaching.

I’ll soon be posting an interview with an amazing author who has dedicated herself to a noble cause.

I just received gorgeous jewelry in the mail from a talented artist (will be attaching a button to my blog soon so you can peruse her jewelry).

It’s Monday, so I’m over at Live Beautiful.

That’s all (for now) folks!

What's new with you? Are you aging with grace and/or opening doors?

*photos by flickr


  1. Hey, Wendy!

    Congratulations on your publication!

    Hmm... Right now I'm watching doors appear right before my eyes. I'm in one of those really fun "where do I go from here/what do I do now" transition phases!

  2. Quite a list, Wendy! Congrats with all you have going on.

    I, too, try to find the good and age gracefully. I don't want to be too vain about the years, and I want to put as much as I can into as many things as I can (refer to your list re: writing and family). Here's to it!

  3. I love the pictures of the doors:) ANd congrats on your articles-- I will go check them out:)

  4. I loved this post. I enjoy reading about the goings-on in your life. I think I MIGHT know who the interview is with...maybe, but I could be wrong. Regardless, I do know an amazing author who is dedicated to a noble cause.

    Anyway - can't wait for our short stories to come out! Thanks for the link, Wendy.

    And ocngrats on all the cool articles and publishing credits you're building up!

  5. Wendy, it seems as though you find much beauty in your daily life and that's a wonderful thing. Congratulations on all your great accomplishments!

  6. I'm trying to age gracefully, but I struggle with that. Congrats on everything you've got going on!

  7. Big congrats to you! I can't wait to read your story! I'm always thrilled to be againg because it means I'm still alive lol! I treasure my life so much everyday I'm thrilled to be here, be anywhere. I remember that when I start to whine as well, it keeps things in perspective. But don't get me started on wrinkles...

  8. So many wonderful things going on in your life...sweet blessings :D

  9. Wow! That's a long list of publications! That's awesome! You're doing a great job at building your publishing history! I'm looking forward to reading both yours and Katie's articles!

  10. You are such an inspiration! Wow!! Congrats on the all of the new publications and your upcoming anniversary!

  11. Kristen, thank you. I'll want to know more about whether you end up walking through those doors or not.

    Thanks, Janna. I think there's one part of me that is vain and then there's another part that could care less about aging. The latter is the one probably closer to God. :D

    Terri, I hope you got a chance to click on the latest issue of CFOM. I liked the doors, too. Prob. why I named my first novel, Through the Sunroom Door.

    Katie, I can honestly say I don't think I've ever been ocngrated before. :D You got it with the author. I have so much respect for her.

    Cindy, I love the way you word things. Thank you.

    Lazy Writer, I struggle also. I can see such beauty in it, though and that is what I cling to.

    T. Anne, I can tell that you embrace life in that way. Wrinkles, oh right...I wasn't supposed to get you started. :D

    Thank you, Tess. Right back at you!

    Jody, I loved Katie's word choice. I feel on top of writing my novel, it's gotten a little crazy working toward getting other things published. I know you can (or used to be able to) relate.

    Jill, thanks for mentioning the anniversary. I think ten years is a big deal and I'm glad to be married to a loyal and loving man.

    Well, I've searched the house over and I can't find the Tums anywhere. I'm certain I ate a bad nut earlier today. I always thought people were joking when they talked about eating bad nuts. But I ate a bad nut and I am in need of Tums.

    Thought you might like to know that. :D You won't ever be able to accuse me of hiding anything. :D

    I hope you have a restful nut-free evening!

    ~ Wemdu (this is how I sign my name when I'm writing too fast--it's also the vain part of me.)

    Okay, I'm signing off for real now.

  12. I'm not aging gracefully. I'm 29 and I just started using wrinkle cream. Maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll have learned to be content.

  13. Congratulations on your writing! Beautiful imagery. :) I sometimes picture life like the long hall in Alice in Wonderland, full of doors. There are many that are stuck or locked or won't open, but there's always one, somewhere that's just waiting. :)

  14. hey, kindred spirit! as a youngster, i couldn't wait to be 33 or 36: i somehow decided that those would be the perfect years or the beginning of perfect since all major life decisions would have been made (in the perfect world/life, of course). these days, every day's my favorite and every wrinkle a badge of honor. i can't help but love my life ;)

    congrats on all the things near and dear to your heart, but esp on your up-coming anniversary. what a beautiful commitment


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