Monday, July 27, 2009

Childish Writers

Michael Hyatt conducted a great interview with the author of Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl (excellent book) the other day. During the interview N.D. Wilson admitted he intentionally used the word childish instead of child-like to describe a specific way of seeing the world. That stuck with me.

Today we get to be childish writers.

Which figure do you best relate to?

Strawberry Shortcake—All is berry berry good in your writing world. Always the optimist, at times you take on more cake than you can chew.

Sleeping Beauty—You’re an idea person. The only problem is most of your ideas come at night while you’re sleeping. Your dreams are piled high as the Princess and the Pea’s mattresses with detailed plot lines and eccentric characters. The goal is being able to get a feel for that one golden nugget, aka the little green pea idea.

Baloo—Bare necessities baby. You’re a minimalist in how you write and in how you live. On the writing track you are laid back, you do your thing and you know you’re time will come. In the meantime you go for a few paw paws.

The Grinch—You used to be a cynic about writing and the publication realm but at some point your heart grew three sizes and you adopted a new way of thinking. Now you readily give of your wisdom and wait patiently for publication because you know the journey really isn’t about you.

Eeyore—“Never been published. Everyone but me is published.”

Buzz Lightyear—You’re in this thing for the long haul. “To infinity and beyond!” You are the ultimate visionary and you don’t give up on a whim.

WordGirl—This writing journey revolves around your love of words. If it looks like a word and it acts like a word, then you are willing to bet it’s a word and just as willing to use it at the perfect place in your WIP.

So have fun and dip into your childish nature today.
Pick a character, any character.
Of course I’m a combo of all the above.

Check out my post at Live Beautiful later today.

*photos by flickr
**Wordgirl photos = my kiddos


  1. Wendy: Oh, yippee dippee, i am the first to comment on your excellent post today!

    I am a combination of Strawberry Shortcake and Wordgirl.

    Blessings, Jen
    Audience of ONE

  2. I'm a version of the Grinch, though I've never been a cynic about writing. I *have* been a cynic about Jesus, though. And now, my heart has grown three times, and my love of writing has hooked up with my love for Jesus.

    I used to write so that I might land on the front page day after day; now I write for God.

  3. I am Buzz Lightyear with a little WordGirl mixed in. I love words, I love to write. I always wonder if anyone is reading, but it doesn't even matter (well maybe a little) because I get so much satisfaction getting the words out.

  4. I LOVE the way your mind works, Wendy. :) What a fun, childish post. ;)

    I'm a combo of Buzz and Strawberry Shortcake...but when I'm having a lousy day (which happens occassionaly) I turn into that sad lil' donkey, with that perpetual rain cloud hovering over my head. Thankfully, I don't have too many of these days. :)

  5. How FUN! I think I am strawberry shortcake and Buzz ... weird combo! haha This makes me want to take off work and watch old disney movies! :)

  6. I think I'm a WordGirl. I write because I love to write and even if I never get published, the point is I'm enjoying the journey!

  7. Strawberry Shortcake all the way. LOL!!

  8. Neat post! I'm a little bit of most of them. I guess it depends on the day.

    Lynnette Labelle

  9. Ooooh, fun post! I think I'm a mix between Strawberry Shortcake and Buzz Lightyear. I definitely take on more than I can handle at times but I'm definitely in this for the long haul. How fun!

  10. I also see a little bit of all of them in me. Today I'm feeling a little Buzz Lightyearish.

  11. Sleeping Beauty for sure. And, I love the bear pic. Disney does such an amazing job.

  12. Love it. I'm a Strawberry Shortcake (who was my IDOL when I was growing up - sheets and all) and a Buzz Lightyear, with maybe a little Baloo mixed in :)

  13. I think I'm Buzz. I kinda have to be since we have about 50 Buzz toys laying around the house! No, really, I'm definitely more of a realist than optomist, and when I start to feel discouraged, I work harder to pull myself out of the self-imposed pit.

  14. This is awesome! I'm definitely WordGirl all the way. Although, I hope that I'm as creative and charming, as whimsical and as fun-loving as Bugs Bunny. :0)

  15. I'm kind of Dora the Explorer--on a journey with my backpack, which sings to me, of course!

  16. I'm a cross between Sleeping Beauty, Baloo, and -- I'm ashamed to admit it -- Eeyore. Eeyore only when I'm in a query funk. But I know how to get out of query funk now. I just need to look up and out and stop being self-centered. Thank you, Jesus! ;)

    Ha ha - that Dora comment cracked me up. I think I may have a singing backpack too. Can I be all of these things without being a split personality?

  17. Sleeping Beauty meets Baloo/WordGirl. Where eles could I confess that I have a love affair with the full stop ............

  18. Jeanette, I love that you use words like yippie dippie. So few can get a way with it. You, my friend can!

    Jennifer, I admire how you wrote your writing has hooked up with your love of Jesus--the best team I can think of!

    Get Real Girl, I read your blog. It is satisfying, isn't it?

    Katie, appreciate your honesty. I added Eeyore in the mix b/c I think if we are all honest, we've been there.

    Lauren, come on over. I'll pop a DVD in, Strawberry Lightyear. :D

    Stephanie, great attitude. Life is about the journey.

    Jennifer, I love making you LOL!

    Lynette, depends on the day for me, too.

    Cindy, I identify with Buzz. To infinity and beyond. Ahh, heaven.

    Lazy Writer, I think this vocation calls for long haul commitment.

    Tess, Yeah! Another Sleeping Beauty...I deal with that every night...scribbles on the paper beside my bed I have to decode in the morning.

    Beth, that's what I'm talkin' about--Baloo! Pickin' paw paws. That needs to be a catch phrase.

    Jody, I like how you wrote self-imposed pit. So many of them we dig ourselves, eh?

    Kristen, what an aspiration--Bugs...a true classic. Thanks for bringing him in the mix.

    Jill, how is it that I can completely see this? Even the singing backpack.

    Amy, Jesus = solver of everything. I am all of the above and I'm not fessin' up to having split personalities. Though, I might get arguments here! :D

    Sande, I like how you had those three "meet".

    Thanks for playing today. These are the thoughts that bombard me at all hours of the night.

    I have something intriguing planned for the rest of the week, so swing on by and we'll do a little bare necessities dance and pick a paw paw or two.


    ~ Wendy

  19. How funny!!! I am...

    I think a combo of Buzz, Strawberry, The grinch, and word girl. *grin*

  20. I love your posts! I'm thinking I would be Wonder Girl. I have a thing for words. I'm thinking of creating a twelve-step program. :p

  21. Well...can I be Buzz and little word boy? I don't mind getting in touch with my feminine side, but to embrace the "girl" in me feels kinda weird.


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