Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awards & Article

The Award

I’ve never enjoyed adhering to rules. It might be tacky to break them upon receiving an award, but I know the giver of the award understands my intentions. I was honored to receive the Scribbler award from Cindy R. Wilson. Whenever I visit her blog she pulls my mind to a different place. I love that. The one rule I will follow because I think its cool is to pass the award along to five deserving bloggers. I’ll also write a sentence why I follow their blogs.

Beth at This Mommy’s Life because she’s my twin

Jeanette Levellie at Audience of One because I’m attracted to her integrity and honesty

Heather Sunseri at Balance With Purpose because she thirsts for knowledge and growth

Lady Glamis at The Innocent Flower because she sparks thought and my perspective to blossom

I have to be honest, without thinking hard I can come up with a dozen more blogs to give this award to. I could spend the rest of my blogging career giving out awards for Junebug’s sake. I don’t know who Junebug is but I was up late last night and sometimes I write things that make no sense. This is allowed here. Remember we’re chillin’ in my thoughts.

The Article

I also realized I haven’t had the chance to update you about the article written about me in the local paper. It was certainly an honor to be contacted by the interviewer and during our meeting we couldn’t resist comparing books we’ve read. A sheer delight. Here are some lines from the article that stuck out to me:

“She (she = me in case you’re as tired as I am and lost track) believes the experience of living abroad and experiencing cultures different from her own were important to her later life.”
~~~“Ms. Miller said the material for her novels comes from ‘anywhere and everywhere…’”

In regards to my story being included in the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms book in the company of bestselling author Jodi Picoult and Connecticut writer Jane Green, my interviewer quoted me, “I don’t see myself as a power mom except in helping women and encouraging them to carry out the role they’re currently in. I want to empower women. As women we need to look out for one another.”

Finally, the interviewer asked my pastor’s wife/director of women’s ministry of our church to be a secondary source for the article. I’m honored by some of the kind words she used to describe me (warm, intelligent and witty). Immediately after I finished reading the article published several weeks ago I called Bonnie, the pastor’s wife and laughed with her insisting I had her fooled.

How about you—has anyone ever said something about your character that you found about later that instantly humbled and uplifted you?

*newspaper photo by flickr


  1. Hi! What a wonderful thing! Great, great news to make NEWS!
    I am a teacher at the university level so I get evaluated every term. I love reading them. Mostly they are good, because I teach a fun subject, but when they say things about how some of what they learned they will carry with them, or other comments like that, I feel very humbled.

    Thanks for this post!

  2. That's so wonderful!! Congrats on the award and on the article! You are, indeed, "warm intelligent and witty" :) So happy for you!

  3. My twin! ;P Thanks for the award, and for the free pub! You know I think you rock, and I think it's wonderful that you got some props in the paper! Speaking of things that humble and uplift: some of my dear friends were asked to give a recommendation for me to become a women's small group leader, and then I was actually given the recommendations by each friend. It was so uplifting to read the words these dear friends had written about me, and SO humbling. Great post! Junebug...I love it.

  4. Wow! Congrats on the award and on the newspaper interview! How cool! And we probably need to get use to people saying things about us, right? Because when we're published we have to listen to all kinds of reviews, both good and bad!

  5. Congrats on the award and the newspaper article! Thanks for thinking of me for the Super Scribblers Award!

  6. Wendy: Thank you so much, dear sister and friend. I cried tears of joy to the Lord for this award, as well as one Jill Kememer gave me today. What an honor.

    Congratulations on being famous! i agree with your pastor's wife: you are witty, warm and intelligent. Get used to all the applause and attention!

    What you just said about my character humbled and uplifted me, Wendy. How sweet God is to love me through you. Thank you oodles and poodles!


  7. So cool about the newspaper article!! Congrats!

    I remember in high school, when I played sports, my coaches would say stuff about me that would get quoted in the newspaper (local sports section). I always felt humbled and uplifted. And now, when people tell me stuff about my writing, it humbles and uplifts me. I think God brings encouragement at just the right time. :) It's interesting to view ourselves from another person's lens, isn't it?

  8. Congratulations on your article and award.
    Once in an essay I had written, I finished with, "you've got it M.J." My treacher wrote, "You've got it too, Nancy." That is one woman's opinion and one from many years ago which I still cherish.

  9. Congrats on the award and the interview--you deserved both. :D

    It happens all the time, especially with my kidlets. People are wonderful and amazing. :D

  10. I'm late, I'm late. Crazy day...

    Suzanne, I would be intimidated to read evaluations, but apparently your students give you high marks. After reading your blog today I understand why!

    Lauren, as I'm getting to know you, I'd say right back at you.

    Beth, just reading your blog and seeing your pics posted there makes me smile (prob. the twin thing). I swear we are long lost sisters. I can see you being an excellent small group leader!

    Jody, just like having my pic. taken, I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it. I'm just wired strangely that way.

    Heather, leave it to me to present you with an award that was just given to you. Well, must have meant you doubly earned it.

    Jeanette, oodles and poodles love, nice! I sincerely meant what I wrote. I'm drawn to your posts for those reasons. Not sure I know how to get used to applause--wanting it to be just for HIM. How cool--two awards in one day!

    Katie, what sports did you play? Your blog is one that I stop at every day b/c of your writing. You'll be one I'll be applauding all along the way!

    Nancy, isn't it amazing how some of those things really stay with us? I hope you come visit again soon.

    Danyelle, you ooze nice. People are wonderful, amazing and horribly cruel at the same time. Still writing to sort through it all and the more I write the more I learn so much of what King Solomon wrote holds true. It makes me all the more grateful for my Savior.

    Night peeps. If I could I'd pull every single one of you aside (and all those people up there in that inspirational and curious box on my left who are members here) just to tell you how very much God desires to love and use you in this life. Make it count! Make it count.



    ~ Wendy

  11. Sweet, Wendy! I've gotten so behind on blogs lately. Playing catch-up tonight. It was a joy to read that such a lovely writer made the news. Yay!!!

  12. Once again, thanks for the award. I've done the post here if you'd like to see it. Thanks! :D


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