Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I’m A Hydrangea…

Yesterday I chose items I would be if I were a…
Today I’m going to let you know why I chose what I did.

Why I am a hydrangea:
The miniature clusters of blossoms all come together to create a beautiful flower. It reminds me of the church, the body of Christ and I’d be honored to be one of the small blossoms. The vibrant fiery blue color makes me think of the word alive.

Why I am Fields of Gold:
This song is such a blend of looking back (reflection), being thankful at present and awaiting a future with someone.

Why I am Shadowlands & Shrek:
These two movies provide a unique combination of tragedy and humor. Experience as a teacher, the ever-changing Princess Fiona and Shrek as “an onion,” couldn’t be more telling of my own journey.

Why I am a windmill in a remote Dutch village:
Hint…my name and movement, of course. I’d be in a remote village because I think to really understand who I am and where I’ve been, you might have to walk awhile to find me off the beaten path.

Why I am The Ragamuffin Gospel & Blue Like Jazz:
Both of these books elevated my faith to a higher understanding and created my thirst for impacting others with what I know as truth. I also hope I live my life with the same degree of authenticity and transparency the authors displayed in these books. FYI: Other books that have done this include: The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey, Crazy Love by Francis Chan and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.

Why I am Easter or July Fourth:
All about celebration, baby!

Why I am 7:48am:
There is something about the fresh start to a morning, filled with promise and potential. I enjoy the challenge of seeing people as God does, also full of promise and potential.

Why I am a chocolate milkshake:
Not sparing the fat or any of the good stuff. No skimping. Full of flavor.

Why I am fresh baked bread:
I hope to have this kind of inviting aroma, causing others to hunger for the one and only BREAD of LIFE.

Why I am house keys:
It is part of my mission here on earth to guide people home. Other reasons include, trustworthiness, good to have on hand and sometimes easily lost.

Why I am a flowing skirt:
Carefree and feminine without being overtly fashionable.

Why I am sandals:
Simple. Not needing much. Low maintenance. Willing to go anywhere.

Why are you what you are?

*photo by flickr


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing Wendy! I liked getting a deeper glimpse into your personality and life! Each comparison was truly beautiful! Hope someday we have the opportunity to meet!

  2. "Why are you what you are?"

    Um. How much time do you have?! Such a great question, and awesome answers from you!

    I'm Ragamuffin Gospel, because in it Brennan Manning so accurately describes my journey of faith - "Our huffing and puffing to impress God, our scrambling for brownie points, our thrashing about trying to
    fix ourselves while hiding our pettiness and wallowing in guilt are nauseating to God and are a flat denial of the gospel of grace." - !!!!

    I'm sandals for the exact same reasons.

    I think I said I'm Christmas because my birthday is Christmas Eve, but I'm also Christmas because every day I feel like I wake up BLESSED, just like I do on Christmas morning knowing there are presents under the tree and a Savior who was born to die for me.

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. I love the "whys" you posted today. Also, I just have to mention that Fields of Gold have always been a very special song for hubby and me.


  4. Wendy: I love this post! You are one creative lady.
    I am bright orange day lilies because I love orange; it's so friendly and inviting, and I'm a day person. I poop out around 9 p.m.
    I am a coffee maker because I have this mad love affair with freshly ground coffee, the more exotic the better.
    And I forget all the other answers I gave yesterday, but I sure enjoyed it!

  5. Thanks so much for explaining all your reasoning. How great, I love your answers.

  6. Your explanations were beautiful. I especially loved house keys...I'm easily lost as well. Thankfully my Bread gets doesn't ever let me wander for too long. :)

  7. Oh, this is so sweet! What a perfect way to help us know you better. I love the morning one. I am a morning person, too, and the way you have phrased and explained that one is beautiful.

  8. Really pretty thoughts here, Wendy. I'm who I am because of so many influences -- internal and external. Each day, each moment, I am reflecting my mother's patience, my father's wit or my God's love. At least, I'm striving to :D

  9. I agree with Jeanette--you are very creative and managed to give some great reasons why you are who you are:)

  10. Me, I'm cajun and like spice with food, southern and like "laid back" times with a cup of coffee, and something sweet, like the big shade of oak trees and cheer unlady-like at baseball and football games. And I always know God is faithful and loving.

  11. I love this! It adds even more meaning to the earlier post. You're one awesome lady!

  12. Jody, I hope for the same thing. Thank you for inspiring me to give reasons for my answers.

    Beth, great Manning quote! Great book, eh? We really need to be on this walk together then...b/c we are both sandals...ha ha! I like your reason for Christmas...waking up feeling blessed!

    Momma Miller (Shaye), we danced to it at our wedding so I am hearing you loud and clear.

    Jeanette, I have to say I love how freely you use the word poop. I begin to poop out around the same time, but hey, every party needs a pooper, that's why they invited us, right? :D

    Cindy, thank you!

    Katie, that Bread always brings us home! Kind of like the trail of bread crumbs, eh...now I'm making some synapse connections. :D

    Lady, that means a lot coming from you.

    Tess, I like how you called the thoughts pretty. So on a day I'm not feeling particularly stunning at least my thoughts can be. :D I also appreciate how you selected things from your mother, your father and God. Very cool!

    Terri, thank you and I feel the same about you.

    Karen, I'm heading to your blog to read more!!! I love the "big shade of oak trees and cheer unlady-like" followed with God being faithful. I love people!

    Danyelle, I think you are one awesome lady!

    You all make blogging fun, you know that?

    Still slumpy (not a word, I know, but we have freedom to make up words while we blog.)

    Thankful to be His no matter my scattered feelings.

    Sleep tight. (What does that mean anyway, the sheets tight around you?)

    ~ Wendy

  13. I'm a Sour Lemon Square because I can take sour circumstances and make them sweet, rich, and refreshing.

  14. Wendy, I love your answers. I am Shadowlands with something other than Shrek. :-) And I LOVE your not being overly fashionable. I am probably underly fashionable, but that's because all the fashions I love are over a century old. I can't afford too many of them, nor can I walk around in them all the time...yet. Wait until I'm fifty or sixty and I care even less what I wear! Then it will be all antique gowns, all the time.


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