Friday, June 5, 2009

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

I’m preparing an elaborate meal in my mind, setting the table with classy linens, preparing the centerpieces just so. And now…now for the nameplates. I bet you want to know who’s coming to dinner. Well, in MY THOUGHTS, because you must remember that is where you are when you visit this blog, I’m going to provide you with the guest list and then I’m going to tell you why I invited that particular person.

~ Cordially Invited to My Home for an Agent/Author Dinner ~

Philip Yancey (His books on spirituality have greatly influenced my walk, besides I like his writing style)

Jodi Picoult (This woman can weave a story, keep you guessing and describe something simple as though it’s the Taj Mahal)

Sandra Bishop (Every single book she’s ever mentioned reading and loving on her blog, I too have loved)

Stephen King (I laughed so much while reading, On Writing, besides we all know he’s a master of the craft)

Beth Moore (Her Bible studies have encouraged me from being a tad bit parched to being downright thirsty for God)

Donald Miller (Not sure I’ve ever come across an author so believable and authentic in their work)

Leif Enger (His way of describing things in Peace Like a River blew me away. I’d want to see if he talks that way)

Elizabeth Berg (Her books are moving and she nails the women’s fiction thing perfectly. My mom and I love to pass her books back and forth so I’d be able to tell my mom all about her)

Nathan Bransford (Wit and knowledge of the publishing industry are my top reasons. He’d crack us all up as we chew our food. Not brownnosing here - he already rejected my MS, but w/ kindness—thanks, Nathan)

Anne Lamott (I’m not sure I even need to give a reason. Definition of Anne = cool)

Rachelle Gardner (As an agent she seems to balance compassion with integrity. I take her for a great conversationalist)

And me, of course (My husband wouldn’t care to be invited b/c reading just isn’t his thing, but I wouldn’t miss this dinner for the world)

I wonder who would say the blessing? What a dinner we’d have—conversations filled to the brim with book talk—what more do you need? It might be cool if some thoughts on spirituality were passed around the table too.

All I have left to say is pass the pepper (my new website tells you more about why not salt!)

Who would you invite to your Author/Agent fantasy dinner? And maybe even more important of a question—what would you serve?

*photo by flickr


  1. Beautiful picture! I would have all romance novelists at my table. I'm obsessed! They are MY celebrities. I'm going to go check out your website right now! Congrats!

  2. Awesome website! You did a terrific job of highlighting your writing success. It also has an elegant feel, which matches your poetic style. Love it!

  3. Authors: Alice Hoffman, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury oh to pick their brains!

    Agents: Laura Rennert, William Reiss, and PJ mark. All interesting, all shrouded in mystery.

    Great idea!

  4. Add Lin Enger...he could come w/ his brother. Both have a lyrical and amazing writing style.

    I'll have to check out the website.....clicking over....

  5. Like you, I'd blend contemporary authors (definitely Berg, too!) and agents, maybe an editor or two. But more importantly, kudos to you on the web site! It looks amazing, and gives a nice overview to your writing career. The pages are easily linked to, the info and material clearly shown. I like too how Wordpress allows us to do this, giving the different pages, allowing a detailed web site, pretty much at our control. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Can I just come to your house for dinner?! :) Yours sounds like the happening place! And besides I'm too lazy to do fancy these days (even though I love it!)

  7. I love your list for dinner. All those people sound like wonderful guests! I think I might like to have some fictional characters as well, maybe some people from those great novels or characters of my own :) Your website looks lovely. (Looks like you're getting it all worked out.)

  8. Well gee if Beth Moore's coming can I crash too? I'd even serve the food if you like! I don't think they'd hang around if I cooked. ;)

  9. I'd invite Francine Rivers to my author dinner! And JK Rowling. :)

  10. I love this list--you hit on about half of my favorite writers. But of course I would want my blogging buddies there too:)

  11. I think I would have to have Jodi Picoult, Meg Waite Clayton (just finished her book the Wednesday Sisters... would love to pick her brain) and James Patterson. Then Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes, and Williams Steig some of my favorite children's authors as I am working on some children's books well have to get art done, but the writting as of right now is finished.

    I am sure that I would want other authors because I have so many different books that I like or love and would love to meet them and figure out what makes them tick.

    What would I make?? well that's a toughy since my husband is the one who cooks. I would probably have his stuffed mushrooms as an appietizer and maybe salad and then let him do some experimenting with one of the dishes you see on Food Network.

    Wendy I love your questions always making me think. Now off to check you new site.

  12. Jill, thank you and thank you. I wonder if romance writers would trade their love scene secrets. :D

    Suzanne, I like the words shrouded in mystery and the idea of picking brains (although for some reason right now that is reminding me of Hannibal...yuck.) Great list.

    Tess, it might be fun to have siblings there, to hear the stories of youth...yes, I like.

    Joanne, that means a lot coming from you. I can tell you have a firm grasp on this whole thing and your words reached me. Fun, you like Berg too! She has a gift.

    Jody, you'll notice *I* never mentioned what I'd be serving. Probably take-out pizza! :D They'd come for the company of course and if you come then they have all the more reason to attend. Come!

    Cindy, thanks for your encouragement. Your website looked good too. I think that is wise to have some fictional characters come eat as well. From what I've read I want that one fellow (yes, I just wrote the word fellow) from your book to stop over.

    T. Anne, absolutely, come on along! Forget serving the food. You can do the dishes--teasing! I was kicking around inviting Anne L.B. to say the blessing though. The way she teaches, I know it would just melt off her tongue.

    Katie, I hear the Harry Potter books are good. I should give them a try. Just ordered six books off Amazon I need to plow through first.

    Terri, I want you all here too...what are you waiting for? Come on over! Dinner is getting cold. :D

    Doodles, glad I got you thinking. I like the idea of a children's author. It's so not my genre, so it might be good to stretch my own noodle, doodle!'s Friday!

    Bon Appetit (with the little doohickey over the e)!

    Thanks for chewing on this with me! You are all invited to dinner as well. Let's make this a feast of all feasts! Now, PASS THAT PEPPER.

    Have a God-inspired weekend!
    ~ Wendy

  13. Very nice website!

    Er, being socially awkward, I'd rather be the proverbial fly on the wall at someone else's dinner. It would be fascinating to watch and listen to. :D

  14. Now, this would be an interesting dinner party. I like the thought of whether or not an author's conversation style would match his writing style.


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