Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dissecting The Blog

Today I thought I’d delve into some reasons why people blog. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I knew little about the blogging world until I entered in. Now that I’m here in this cyber land of Wordless Wednesdays, Friday Funnies, Linky Love and the rest of the comment-crazed blogosphere; I must admit I think about why. I think about why I’m here and I wonder why you are here. Why do we spend our time doing this?

And so I came up with a list:

« Entertainment – I love laughing at different posts and noticing how creative others can be with how they format and “decorate” their blogs.

« Education—I’m not even sure I can begin to tell you how much I’ve learned about publishing, finding an agent, editing and countless other things in the writing world because of blogging.

« Connection—I’ve “met” some wonderfully inspirational people who feel like dear friends to me in the less than four months I’ve been blogging. We’ve developed a mutual understanding in our love of writing and leading others to God. I still find this connection to be a mystery, but I’m willing to excavate, to explore and to delve deeper into its hold on me.

« Curiosity—this may have been my number one reason for creating a blog and it remains one of the top reasons I keep up with mine. I love understanding people and am curious by nature, so I’m utterly hooked.

« Technology—I’ve found it to be an exciting challenge trying to teach myself about widgets, uploading, adding links and all else that goes into the creation of a blog. It helps me to be current and aware of technological advances and quite simply it stretches my mind and forces me to risk and move out of my comfort zone.

« Adventure—blogging is like rock climbing in some ways, knowing what to write about and figuring out how you want to write it. In rock climbing there is a precarious move that you can make in order to advance higher on the rocks. When there isn’t a visible hole or crevice for you to slide your hand/foot into to thrust yourself upward, you are positioned to decide whether or not you want to make what’s called a “commitment move”. It’s risky (you could fall.) It takes bravery. And for some reason, right now it reminds me of blogging.

« Exposure/Publicity—there is definitely an opportunity to “build a platform” or develop a community of people who are interested in what you have to say by blogging. Personally, as I blog, I hope not only to draw people into my words but I also hope to cause them to think more about their life and our God.

« Practice—what an opportunity it is to discipline yourself to write and post a set number of blogs per week. It forces you to be creative, develop grammar skills and assemble your ideas so that people can understand them.

« Fellowship—I’ve been blessed. I already mentioned that I’ve “met” some unbelievably precious people through blogging. This thing I’m experiencing isn’t just a feel good, make you smile, and tell you all nice things-type of bond. It’s honest, it’s challenging and it has inspired me to want to be closer to God. Now, that is fellowship!

« Bored with TV—I used to have my regular shows. I’d watch The Today Show for good chunks of the morning and I reserved certain hours in the afternoon for popular talk shows. Just the other day my daughter asked why we don’t watch Ellen and Oprah anymore. I told her I wanted more time to write and read. I’ve invested some of that time in blogging.

« Desire to Reach Others—this is my ongoing number one reason for sitting at the computer every day to post. There is just about nothing else as thrilling to me as the ability to stir a new thought in someone else. I get to do that here.

After reviewing the above reasons for blogging I want to know why you do it. Why are you here? I should say no matter your reason; I am glad you are here.

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  1. That is an incredible list, and I found myself nodding in agreement with nearly every item. My favorite thing about blogging is getting to know so many wonderful people. :D

  2. Wendy, what a list! I could have never come up with so many good reasons to blog.

    I started blogging as a tool to build platform via what I know best: the Bible. I keep blogging to reach people. I pray that whatever platform I build will ultimately bring more prominence to the Lord than to me.

  3. Well, I'll say "ditto" to all of the above. Dissected yarn-froggy is a nice touch too. ;-)

  4. I love all your reasons! I have to agree with each and every one--I feel especially strong about the meeting of so many awesome people here I've met!

  5. Wow! What a great list! I think I started out wanting to learn and to network, but it's moved into so many other of the reasons. And I'm sure it will develop even more as we continue. Probably in a few months we could add other reasons!

  6. The number one reason I started blogging (also about four months ago) was to build a platform. Little did I know, a lot more was in store for me. I've met some amazing people, joined a critique group with some of these people :D, and learned a ton about writing, editing, agents and publishing. I keep blogging because, as you said, I enjoy reaching people and I really enjoy being part of a community of writers that really understands where I'm coming from.

  7. Wendy, Your list is so inclusive. I agree with each and every one of your points.

    I started writing an e-newsletter about 4 years ago. I wanted to keep in touch with my customers by sending out tips and info a few times a month. Then I got a web site and still sent out the e-newlsetter.

    Bloggs make it SO much easier for me to communicate with my customers and cheaper than keeping a web site. I still send e-newsletters but not as often.

    Then because we move so often, my family and friends wanted updates and photos of us. The result - blog 2 was created.

    Starting my blog on writing was a natural step. I was already writing my thoughts and feelings out for friends and family, so why not start a blog about my desire to be published and allow others to join me on the ride? Thus blog 3.

    Now the challenge is to keep at least 2 of them going!

  8. You've got most of the bigs ones right there! I think the main reasons I blog is to improve my writing and to be a witness to a lost and dying world. I've been doing it for 3 years now and am absolutely hooked. Though I'm sure I could live without it, I wouldn't WANT to.

  9. I LOVE this list! It's awesome. My reasons fall under these categories: Education, Exposure/Publicity, and a Desire to Reach Others.

    I must admit, though, that I blog for ALL of the reasons you've put up there, but those three the most, I think. No wonder it's so addicting!

  10. I would definitely say connection. Also it's great to get in the habit of writing daily (or close to it). Laughing and entertainment come in as a close second. :)

  11. GREAT list and I agree with them all! I'm with Katie, connection is a HUGE reason. I love meeting other writers/readers/bloggers! Education is a big part too. My own personal blog is geared around my writing journey with a heaping of humor added in because, well, ya gotta admit. In these stressful days, we all need a little giggle!

  12. The blogging community is wonderful, isn't it? You list great reasons which I so agree with. I started blogging to be a part of a writing community, and at that time, a few seasoned bloggers suggested I blog with a strong focus. My idea, living and managing a choice life, came from a character in my manuscript, and now the blog has become a terrific forum, engaging all sorts of ideas and dialogue. It is definitely an important and supportive part of my writing.

  13. Danyelle, I feel the same and would include you in that catagory.

    Anne, you do have a rich knowledge about the Bible. I was telling my friend about you today. You blow me away, woman! I'm honored to call you friend. The thing that makes you shine most to me is how consistent you are about giving HIM glory!

    Rebecca, I considered a picture of 7th grade frog splayed and sad...but didn't want to disturb; just provoke thought.

    Terri, and you for me are one.

    Jody, how cool would that be if the list doubled in several months (I won't blog about it though b/c who wants to read a REALLY long blog. :D )

    Luisa, glad you stop in to say hello! :D

    Cindy, in a weird way I've felt more understood in these past few months than I have in awhile (in a very certain way). Look out for that one woman in your group...I hear she's a firecracker!

    Andrea, wow, I hope you can keep up. I thought to have more than one blog. I guest write or co-write for let's see...5, but this is my primary spot. I do like how blogs make communication smooth and easier than other means.

    Ronnica, perfect wording about a lost and dying world...that is on my heart and mind daily as I write. Loved that thought!

    Lady, if it is exposure you want...you got it. Girl, you have a following bigger than Elvis! (sad I couldn't think of someone more recent)

    Katie, my 2nd child keeps asking me what I'm laughing at when I'm reading through blogs. I liked the laughter reason!

    Krista, I get your heaping humor and crack up. Thanks for it. Jake! Jake! Jake!

    Sleep well! Don't drool on your pillow tonight.

    ~ Wendy

  14. LOL, Yes, I like Jake too!!! Ed's okay too, and I think she's swooning big time over that one dude who's name is escaping me at the moment. Hoping she remembers what happened to Jason and goes with the one who is more than just the physical stuff.

  15. This is a very thought-provoking and well-written post. I'm going to link it on mine on Friday since I'm wrapping up Starting a Blog week. Thanks!

  16. Great post and list! I started blogging to get myself into writing on a daily basis. I have certainly met that goal and met many wonderful bloggers that share their knowledge and information so freely. I like to read about what other people are doing and sometimes get ideas from what I read. It is great to be a part of the writing and blogging community.

  17. i agree. all your blogs are so great - cant figure out which one to follow most :)

  18. Krista, I like the we have a running dialogue on this while blogging. :D

    Jill, link away. I'm honored to be associated with you in any way.

    Ana, you bring up a good point. Sometimes I also get ideas from other blogs.

    Shelli, oh just follow them all-that solves it! :D Congratulations on getting an agent!

    I will be back to post something new tomorrow. We had Field Day today and it wiped me out. It's as if I was in the tug-o-war.

    ~ Wendy

  19. What an amazing list. I love fellowship. That's my favorite.

  20. I'm here because YOU ROCK, Wendy! Seriously, love the way your brain works and how incredibly creative God made you. Thanks for sharing yourself and your giftings with us. (Oh, and I love connecting with others - especially those who share similar passions and faith.) Sweet blessings, Amy

  21. I blog to raise awareness about the foundation, meet new people, learn about others, be entertained, pass the time while I am pumping at work...you name it!


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