Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Questions For Any Given Moment

I've been both blessed and cursed with a questioning mind. I loved reading this blog yesterday, questioning how I am planning and hoping for the future. Jill's blogs are filled with insight!

I only have to be asked one question to launch into a myriad of others in my spinning brain. Today I'm going to give you the basics...you know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN & HOW.

In 5th grade I learned the above W's (& 1 H) are the essential questions to ask when you want to get to the root of a situation, when you want to get the details.

Good Questions for Any of Us to Ask at Any Given Moment:

WHO am I trying to please/impress?

WHAT am I doing with my life?

WHERE am I headed?

WHY do I care?

WHEN am I at my best/worst?

HOW important is it?

Can you think of a GOOD QUESTION to ask at Any Given Moment?

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  1. You asked some great ones already that make me want to think about my own answers to them.
    What are my dreams?

  2. Wow--thanks Wendy! A link to my blog!! I'm very flattered. (And yes, yesterday it was Bob. I'd love to be sitting on the beach right now!)

    Here are a few of my answers:
    1. I used to want to impress my friends, agents, editors with my writing. Now, I'm happy if I impress myself.
    2. Following my heart.
    3. I'm headed exactly where I'm supposed to be.
    4. My parents raised me to care. And God molds me to reach out and care for others--and to accept their care.
    5. I'm at my worst when I'm tired and snappy. I'm at my best when I least expect it.
    6. For me, the importance is in giving it 100%. Not in the outcome. If I keep giving it my all, I trust the outcome will be great someday.

    Thanks again! Great questions and I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Would my thoughts/behavior in any given moment differ if Jesus were standing right next to me?

  4. *echoes everything said above*

    I think the questions that can help us change the most, are the simplest ones.

  5. How do we make it through the work when we're overwhelmed?! Answer: Read blogs and find encouragement from wonderful writing friends! (Also, write long to-do lists, drink coffee, and place our trust in the Lord!)

  6. I heard a great question to ask ourselves at the women's retreat I was at last month. If your situation were happening at the foot of the cross, how would you react?

    Oh, how I wish I could remember that question when insanity takes hold of me in a fit of frenzy. I have so much to learn!

  7. Am I content?

    con tent: satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else

    Nice post, Wendy :-)

  8. WHAT can I do for others? That's a good one :)

  9. Is this really important and am I happy?

  10. I really like your question "Who am I trying to please?" Lately I have been asking myself a lot, "Am I doing this because I am supposed to or am I doing it because I WANT to?" It really helps me to differentiate the things I am doing because it is God's will for me and things I'm doing because they are natural for me or even selfish for me. All those wants and needs.

  11. Terri, an excellent question. It's always healthy to have a dream.

    Jill, I linked to your blog b/c I've learned from you and I've appreciated your authenticity! Proven again with answers 1-5! :D

    Luisa, I like to picture that (except when I wake up crabby--then I wish I could rewind, well I'm sure there are other times too when it is hard for me to face that image).

    Danyelle, I'll second that!

    Jody, thanks for the encouragement this morning and being one of those friends...I don't think you know how much you helped.

    Eileen, that would change my attitude greatly 99% of the time, I imagine.

    Thanks, Rebecca...I LOVE that question!

    Tess, I agree--outward focus is always good.

    Savvy, I like the important question. I need to ask myself that more often.

    Cindy, I'm also trying to sift some things out in my life. I think it is better to face these questions head on...don't you? I've been learning from your blog - thank you!

    Ladies, as always...I'm honored by your responses!

    ~ Wendy

  12. I like your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine last week. I will be giving some thought to these questions! blessings!!

  13. love this post...all super good questions....most of which I really need to ask myself....Happy SITS day


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