Friday, May 8, 2009

I Have The Blank Of A Blank

I’m not about to tell you a dirty joke. Instead, we are going to use are noggins as we come up with some fun phrases to get better acquainted.

The following are fabricated, but they’ll give you a sense of what I’m looking for:

I have the voice of James Earl Jones having inhaled one too many helium balloons.

I have the patience of a sloth fetching its next meal.

I have a beard with the texture of a muskrat that’s crawled up on my face and died. (I’m really hoping no one comes up with one like this, seeing as most readers of my blog are female.)

I have the tenacity of a woodchuck who’s chucked one too many pieces of wood.
(Not sure why my brain is stuck on rodent-like creatures, but anyway, you get the idea).

Now, for my real and telling example:

I have the patience of a mosquito repeatedly ramming its body against a porch screen. (God is still chiseling away at me.)

Happy Friday!
And now....You have the blank of a blank?


  1. This requires a lot of brain power and it's awfully early for a non coffee drinker like me. Still, I'll give it a go:

    I have the singing voice of Lucille Ball and the hair of an orangatangue.

    Now, that's a lovely (but honest) picture!

  2. Lately with my kids I've had the nag of buzzing fly on a window. So, today I got out the fly swatter and am killing off my nagging! Instead of nagging them to do things over and over, I'm giving my kiddos quiet time on their beds when they don't obey me the first time! We'll see how that goes!

  3. I've got the Promise of a Garden! We're getting ready to till our little tomato patch, and plant tomato seedlings, a little bit of zucchini and lettuce, bordered with yellow marigolds. A little patch of happiness.

  4. I am a pendulum who swings from disco to library--not in one day, mind you, and more heavily toward the library side. ;-)

  5. I've got a bee buzzing with amazing persisitence against my back slider. I'm sure summer is already here. I'm going to buzz by May and fly into June.

  6. I really like your descriptions.

  7. Hmmm... this is in my head now! Makes me want to think of something! How fun! I'll be back later with something. :)

  8. I have the intentions of a gold medalist.

    Unfortunately, I have the success rate of a mediocre gambler... I don't always follow up my intentions with action.

  9. I have the patience of a four year old child who sees a playground that his mom just drove past when it comes to getting my life back on track.

  10. I am as neat as a college student living on their own for the first time without mom to pick up after them!

    But, I recognize this and work every day to try to be a neat, respectable mom!

  11. Tess, I'm glad you used that brain power b/c you had me cracking up and you painting a very clear picture for me. :D

    Jody, I heart quiet time. :D I like how you are killing off the nagging. My nagging can be like Lazarus sometimes (but Jesus isn't the one bringing it back).

    Joanne, I'm in awe of your green thumb. I swear I can eat our planted tomatoes raw (like an apple).

    Rebecca, I was in a book store last night and I kept telling myself...I really could live there.

    T. Anne, Liked the buzzing bee.

    Why, thank you, K. I like how you go by K.

    Katie, I just finished a good book on the very topic you broached: Principles of the Path (Andy Stanley)

    Terri, I could see it! Awesome.

    Jennifer, I went to your site and saw you have 3 explains site by the way!

  12. I've got the voice of Minnie Mouse on helium and the patience of a bee caught in a jar.


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