Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Truths & A Dare

Remember sitting cross-legged with a pillow in your lap, the smell of nail polish punctuating the air, your new favorite pajamas draped across your prepubescent body as you felt stirred and anxious anytime someone from the sleep-over would mention the game Truth or Dare?

I remember the above scenario and remember it well. I always chose Dare. The idea of being asked a question and knowing how lying for me was as unnatural as getting a bikini wax, I preferred to do the crazy and wacky stunts that preteen girls could invent with a surprising amount of creativity seasoned with cruelty.

Today I’m going to play TRUTH with you.

I’m going to tell you Five Truths (given, I still feel somewhat in control because no one is asking me anything specific and I can pick which things I decide to share…anyway…)

My Five Truths:

  1. I am highly skilled at catching bullfrogs.

  2. The nicest gift I ever received from someone I hardly knew was a box of spices when we first moved into our home about a year ago.

  3. The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done is climb an abandoned building with some friends while in college (not recommended--not safe).

  4. I quite like myself after I treat myself to coffee. After hours of grocery shopping and downing a large iced hazelnut latte, I found myself throwing my toddler up in the air and covering her in kisses as we reached the car earlier this morning. Boy, coffee sure makes me nice.

  5. When I was fifteen everything about my life changed. I’ll leave you in suspense on this one because I’ll probably write about it in detail someday soon. Feel free to make guesses if you comment.

And now time for the DARE.
I DARE you to reveal one of your TRUTHS!

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  1. LOl at catching bullfrogs, they sure pee a lot don't they?
    Hmm... at 15 Christ came into your life?

  2. I don't know that I've ever met a highly skilled bullfrog catcher before, with the possible exception of my 8 year old nephew.

  3. I don't know about frogs, kind of...ewww. Truth about me? I tried out for a play once and forgot all my lines. Needless to say, I did not get the part :) Have a great weekend!

  4. First, I want to guess what happened at 15. You found your own strength?

    Truth? Years ago, I walked into the wrong movie theater, and instead of finding the right one, I proceeded to be the ONLY viewer in there. I loved having my own private viewing!

  5. Oh my goodness! I am a highly skilled bullfrog catcher, too! I've never met a fellow frog finder. : )
    Let me see...a truth about me: My ligaments are too large for my body so I can do CRAZY things with my shoulders, arms, knees and the like. I was once the science lab in my junior high science class. No joke.

  6. Hi Wendy,
    You are funny! Well, you hooked me, I am anxious to hear your story of how life at 15 chaged for you. As you know, I love, love people's stories.
    The Truth of Dare story brough back many fond memories of sleepovers as a little girl. I always picked Truth.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to see Jesus on Sunday, how about you?

  7. My guess? When you became a Christian?

    My truth? I love the smell of my dog's ears. If I could invent a perfume - that is what I would have it smell like. Bubba's ears!

  8. My husband Dave & I were just talking about truth & dare the other day on our walk... and how I hated that game cuz I never wanted to do either of them!

  9. I always have to have a sheet or cover over me when I sleep, even in the summer.

    Morgan Mandel

  10. Luisa, I'm impressed. Dinner at your house. :D

    T. Anne, amazingly I don't remember ever being peed on. Your guess was right on.

    Julie, I'm in good company then. Eight was my favorite age. :D

    Cindy, I did this with my middle school class. I just turned around in my swivel chair to face the curtain...can you say mortified.

    Jill, very cool...what movie?

    Kristen, glad to know a fellow catcher. :D
    When was it that the large ligaments were discovered?

    Stephanie, I'll be worshipping him on Sunday too and perhaps in a little while and then in a little while after that. :D

    Katie, you got it. You had me thinking about Bubba and his ears last night. What a sweet picture in my mind.

    Jessica, I became talented at completing dares (but always was torn about doing them).

    Morgan, I get that...does it have to go up to your chin and always cover the feet...mine does. :D

    Thanks for playing everyone! I loved reading your TRUTHS...we may have to play again soon.

    Hoping your are making the most of your minutes.
    ~ Wendy

  11. Oh, goodness. One of my truths is that I pierced my belly button when I was 18. I'll leave you in suspense of how long I kept it.

    As for a guess of what changed you after 15... you started writing? I may have missed elsewhere on your blog where you state when you started writing, so forgive me if that's a dumb guess, LOL.

    Great post! Now I'm thinking of all the other fun truths in my life...

  12. Oh, and now I see what Katie guessed and got right. I should read the comments before I post!

  13. TRUTH: I have a tattoo of sorority letters on my right ankle. And the truth is this: I was not "hazed" into doing it, and I was not drunk. Part of me wishes I had such an excuse. 'Cause I'm a 37-year-old mom with blurry Greek letters on my leg.


  14. TRUTH: I am a very boring person, but I do have great conversations with people that don't exist.

  15. Well done. I understand those bullfrogs are quick little fella's...good for you! I laughed at your description of yourself after a cup of coffee. I'm much the same, only faster. :oD

    I'm hard pressed to come up with a "Truth" I haven't already revealed in my blog at some point. Let's see...I keep up a running conversation with myself, although I pretend I'm talking to my cat. :o)


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