Saturday, May 2, 2009

Expired Thoughts

When is the last time you checked the expiration date on the medicine in your medicine cabinet?

How about the dates on some of your salad dressings and food in your fridge?

I have a point here (and it involves something more than spring cleaning)...

Just as consuming either one of the expired items from above could cause potential harm, I also believe holding onto expired thoughts have the same damaging effect.


Hurtful Words








Self condemnation


Painful Memories

God wants us to extinguish these thoughts, finish them, throw them in the trash. When I first started this blog several months ago I hoped it would be an impetus for me to change and grow. I'm reminded even as I write this today, my source and means for change comes from God. He can renew our minds. Through his spirit we can learn to think differently, fight or not. It's worth it.

Because hanging onto some of those old thoughts, entertaining them and stewing in them is the equivalent of feeding your body outdated salad dressing or medicine that has far exceeded its expiration date. Nothing good can come of it. The result, a bad stomachache...or worse.

And now if you're anything like I've been at different times of my life you're thinking, "Great, Wendy. That's all well and good, but how do I even start to think differently?"

My answer is simple, something a child might even profess: God Loves You and You Are His.

If you really think on that and delve into what he shares in the Bible it's enough to change anything. In fact, he already changed everything. Now, it's up to us to believe it and THINK IT.

Now, go check that medicine cabinet (and a Bible).


  1. I agree, the types of thoughts you mentioned are poisonous, much like expired food and meds. Sometimes just making the initial decision to live, or think, a certain way gets the process started. It then becomes a part of who you truly are inside.

  2. This is a very beautiful thought. I needed to hear this--I think most of us do. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love this thought. I think it's time for a little spring cleaning around here for sure! Thanks for the message!

  4. Wow it's like you are inside of my head!! I have been feeling HAUNTED lately...all issues relating to the ex boyfriend. I was wondering the other day when I would stop feeling scared -- but I'm the one who has control over that, right? Yep. You've inspired me to write a post about all of this now, thanks for the great advice!

  5. sometimes i think the posts i read actually find me, because they are there just when i need them. i have been working on thinking more positively so this post was wonderful for me to read. thank you!

    {i am stopping by from SITS to say hi}

  6. Wow, what a good post! Thanks for the reminder Wendy. I also like the post above...You have a delicate way with words...beautiful!

  7. Great post, Wendy! About 18 months ago, my husband was brave enough to confront me about always being negative. I got so irritated, until I realized he was right. God started working on me and I started learning about the power of thoughts - both positive and negative. I came up with a list of positive/power thoughts that are Biblical and started praying and repeating them daily. It's been SO incredible. I've been seeing God transform my attitude, my thoughts and my actions ever since. So amazing! I loved your analogy---now every time I look in my fridge, I'll be reminded to check my thoughts as well!


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