Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Static or Kinetic?

I'm not a science girl. It's just not my thing. However, I keep finding examples of things I remember from science class that somehow make points I'm hoping to make.

Take static or kinetic for example. Normally when you refer to these two words, you're talking about friction. I keep thinking about static and kinetic people, as in their personality types.

There are those who "go with the flow" and then there are those who create the flow. I've been doing a little self introspection to figure out which of these I'd be considered and it didn't take much thought to realize I'm kinetic all the way. I think I was born with ants in my diaper. People often ask how I was able to write a novel with a one-year-old and the best way I know how to answer them is that I think I would have gone crazy had I not been writing it.

If I'm not participating in some outlet of creativity, I'm willing to wager I'd combust (or I'd just be really crabby all the time...which might be worse than combusting). Somewhere in the Bible it describes how the rocks and trees would cry out if the people remained silent. I know if I've been quiet for too long, speechless and void of conversation, then I have sort of a mind dump that pours into my writing. Can you relate (if not with writing, with some other creative outlet)?

All this said, I'd like to state that I think there is wisdom that comes from being static at times and for me it's almost a learned art form. I'm learning to be quiet and to enjoy stillness with my creator. I'm learning to watch the ants parade on the ground and to ignore them as they aggravate my pants to move. I'm learning to slow down and I won't lie, this is difficult.

I like to move it, move it (sorry, we've watched Madagascar 2 too many times this week). Really though, being still takes effort. I know this is hard for some people because it forces them to stop and evaluate themselves, to reflect and face some things about themselves. That's not it for me. I think I know myself too well sometimes. I think I like movement because it's often meant growth and change and excitement in my life and I'm attracted to those things.

So, while I appreciate all the energy God has wired me with, I sure hope he educates me on how and when to be more of a static person.

What about you, are you static or kinetic?

By the way, Happy Earth Day! Be kind to it. It's our home for now.

Quick Update: The Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms Expo went really well. It was an honor to sign books, speak and most of all to meet other moms out there just doing the best they can.


  1. What a great perspective on personalities! I would have to say that I'm a very kinetic personality!! I have a difficult time learning to be static before the Lord. Even when I try to quiet my soul before him, my mind still races. I'm so glad he made me this way and understands!

    Glad your time last night went so well! How exciting to sign books!

  2. I can SO relate to this post. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier today. It's nice to "meet" you.


  3. Hi Wendy,
    Hey, thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I was so excited that I am going to blog about exactly that tonight! I'd love for you to be my first follower that I am not related to! I am new to all of this and will remember you now as a special person in the world because you were my first unrelated commenter. I just started writing and blogging and am having a blast getting to know others in this virtual world.
    Me, I am most definitely kinetic! Sitting still, I only do it when I meditate, which I do faithfully to listen to the Lord speak to me as well as give my poor legs a rest from running around all day! Blessings, Wendy!

  4. Wow this post really hit me. I am kinetic...definitely. I have moved about 5 times in the past 3 years. Even though each time I had a REALLY good reason for moving, it still became a habit in itself. I am always either packing or unpacking. Now I am officially settled for at least two or three years and I feel this desire to run again. I know I won't, but the impulse is still there. I think I'm just TERRIFED of standing still too long. But I am working at it, and my relationship (newly found) with God is definitely helping! Loving your blog!


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