Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeping the Air In

You’ve probably seen one of those lotto machines with balls bumping and popping around inside the plastic dome. Sometimes my life is in that dome. You’ve probably heard someone describe their life as though they are juggling balls or plates, but in those examples the juggler is in control. I’m not saying I’m out of control (though at times it feels like it) but what I’m saying is with a house full of three little girls, my attention continually drifting to how I can help my aging parents, while I’m trying my best to maintain a healthy marriage, it can feel like it’s all balls bouncing to and fro at whim.

I haven’t even mentioned my writing. Oh, my writing, my passion. Currently, I have one completed manuscript and two other fiction manuscripts over 50 pages in. I love the characters. I think of them often. Not a day goes by without my thinking of characters I’ve already written or of new story ideas. I’m working on a non-fiction book now (I know I need to stick to a specific genre…but I’ll just tuck this one away until the time is right). I often feel like “Verbal” Kint from The Usual Suspects when I’m getting my material. It comes from everywhere, all around me. As a result, I have pieces of paper in all shapes and sizes, Hello Kitty pads, notebook paper, sticky notes, etc. that have scrawled story ideas and strong lines all over my house (and car).

So what of it? I guess it all comes down to keeping the air flow in my machine. If I do that then one of those balls pops down for a reading and gets the focus for a moment. If I do that things work as they should. Can you imagine if all the air got sucked out of one of those machines, if it just stopped? I can. I’ve seen it. All the balls drop. To me that represents when I’m worn out…when the “life” has been sucked out of me because I didn’t keep the air in.

If you’ve read any of my other posts you can guess, my “air” is my faith. If my focus is on God then the balls (the things in my life) do what they are supposed to do, bounce all around and eventually the ones I’m to focus on land in the ceremonial spot. They become the winner for the moment.

What are you doing to keep the air in?


  1. My faith is also key. I also find that the dome is important for keeping stray balls out. If I'm not careful, all kinds of interesting and good things can distract me from my priorities. I constantly remind myself that I can only do so much, and that there may be time later in my life to pursue other intriguing possibilities.

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