Friday, March 13, 2009

We's Idiots


People are idiots. I write that with love in my heart. People are idiots though...the whole lot of us (I included myself in that you can all rest easy...this won't be some bashing rant about others).

No wonder we are compared to sheep so many times in the Bible. Sheep are just about the dumbest animal you can find. They don't want to be led. God got this. He still gets it. But he never makes us feel smaller or less than because of it. He simply guides us as a loving shepherd would. That amazes me.

Think about it. He came down to earth and mixed among the idiots...only to then die for them; for us. What love that must have required!

There are times when it's obvious I'm supposed to be learning a lesson. A similar message will be coming at me from several unique directions. I'll read something in the Bible, a friend will mention it to me and then I'll be awake tossing and turning thinking of the very "lesson" I'm to learn. Sometimes it takes many more than obvious whacks over the head until I get it. Oh, I'm supposed to be learning patience through this or oh, I don't make a very good god of my life.

I've been known to voice to God in frustration, "What are you trying to teach me?" If I'm feeling a little more bold I'll say, "How fast do you think I can learn this, God?" I picture him looking at me, shaking his head with something of a smirk on his face, perhaps even thinking, "I hope she gets it this time."

When I see how cruel people are to one another, how easily people can, in their ignorance hurt one another or how they wander off becoming ensnared in some ugly life patterns, it's easy for me to think, "That idiot."

Not so easy though when a glaring message or theme is reoccurring in my life and after the third or 100th time I finally clue in that I'm to be absorbing something. I'm just so thankful I don't believe I have a God that shakes his head at me thinking or saying for that matter, "That idiot."

Grateful for freedom to learn. Grateful for my Leader.

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