Monday, March 23, 2009


Sometimes you don't feel like talking. I know. I get that way too. Wouldn't it be nice at those times to have a road sign or some sign of an everyday message in your hands to hold up for all the world to see what you are trying to convey?

Here's where I'm going with that:

It's been a long day, you've changed more diapers than you can remember, made about 75 lists, completed tax information, filled out 7 papers for your child's school and you are bone tired as you are trying with all your might to remember your address to complete a form.

Your sign: Memory is Full (the message you hear when a phone answering machine is full)

Same type of day and your husband walks in the door.

Your sign: Caution

Same type of day and you've also been battling a nasty flu.

Your sign: Out of Order

You make it to the next morning, your spouse agreed to let you sleep in but you can tell they're wanting a little help with the children after a milk spill.

Your sign: Slow--No Wake

You are a thirty-year-old woman putting on makeup in front of the mirror and all of a sudden a zit is staring at you from the tip of your nose.

Your sign: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

You finally get that outing just for yourself where you can shop, buy yourself a Grande Mocha and veg on the benches surrounding the shopping plaza and a talkative perky mom pushing a stroller holding three of her chirping children, pulls up next to you to sit and feed all three of her now screaming children.

Your sign: No Parking

You are in an ongoing argument with your spouse and you know deep down that you are right and in the end you are going to win this one.

Your sign: Right of Way

Someone you know and love is making some stupid choices in their life.

Your sign: Rough Road Ahead

You are in the mood and don't feel like saying it.

Your sign: Deer Crossing

You spent a year coming up with a really meaningful anniversary gift for your spouse and you catch them snooping under the bed.

Your sign: No Fishing

You drop your children off at the neighbor's house and pop your head inside to make sure they're settled only to spy a table set up with bowlfuls of Cheetos, M&M's, Oreos and Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

Your sign: Don't Feed the Animals

That was fun. Can't think of any more.

Happy talking and mute moments.

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