Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simple and Arbitrary

A Simple and Arbitrary List of Things I Like:

The sound people make when they've just finished a good meal.
That my dog doesn't know or care how often I've been published.
The way my husband looks at me after I've gotten my hair done.
How a lake reflects a setting sun.
How my children stick their tongues out when they are drawing.
Being able to identify star patterns.
Walking barefoot from spring to fall.
Telling the truth when the truth needs to be told.
Reaching in my coat pocket and patting the knitted baby hats I received after delivering each of my girls in the hospital.
Having my hair played with.
Knowing I caused someone else to laugh or smile.
Shooting hoops by myself.
Taking bites off my husband's plate.
Whispering sweet things to my children as they sleep.
Knowing I'm still growing.
Finishing a book.
Singing (though I am not gifted in doing so).
Dreaming (while awake and sleeping).
The gratitude I feel for those who've helped me to be who I am today.
That there is no end.

1 comment:

  1. I stumbled here and am glad I did :)
    Nice to 'meet you' and i love your list- which I could echo yes to every piece.


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