Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Than One


I’d much rather ask questions than answer them. I’m pretty sure I like asking for two reasons. First, when I ask someone else I don’t have to be vulnerable in any way and knowing my bean spillage, I’d be likely to let out most of my secrets if I weren’t the asker. Second, I get to learn about others, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Today I’m challenging myself to answer some toughies:

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
What was it like for you when your son was on the cross? When will the end of the world be? What is heaven like? How fun was it to create all the animals? When you get frustrated with humans what do you do? What is most fun for you? What makes you laugh the most? What can you tell me about length of time people get to be on earth…what reasoning there is why someone goes at a young age and someone else gets to live a full life? When you hang out with Jesus and the Spirit what do you guys talk about? What makes you cry? Tell me about all the miracles and how you performed them? This list is endless…I haven’t even touched upon the personal questions that stew in my mind.

What is one thing you are learning right now?
Letting go, patience, being still, being quiet, speaking up when it’s time, praying for those who hurt me, learning how to carve out time for myself, how to prioritize, forgiving myself and others, selflessness, how to communicate better, how to gain insight about my weaknesses, the importance of accountability, loving people right where they’re at, how to live my life for God’s glory, about the writing world and publishing industry, quilting, blogging, skyping, leading teenage girls, being appropriate with my humor, being a loving wife and mother…man, this list could take up forty days of blogging…better stop now…you get the gist.

If your house was on fire and you could grab one thing what would it be?
My children (hopefully my husband is already outside), my Bible, my dog, albums, sentimental letters, my manuscripts, my teddy bear (I know, how sad that a 30+-year-old woman is grabbing a teddy bear), my quilts, my address book, my planner, the pottery pieces I made for my girls, my perfume, baby books and baby boxes, the hand-crafted piece we use as an end table that converts to a rocking chair/desk/high chair, any creative piece a family member made for me, any hand lotion I find on my way out, my scrapbooks, my bread maker, the seashells my dad collected for the girls, I already keep some of my favorite books in my car so we’re good there, framed wedding photos, some spoons just because I like them, yummy smelling candles, Max Lucado’s, You Are Special book for my girls to remember it, my squishy pillow, my specialized recipe book, the Civil War belt (yes, dad I’d grab it), my cell phone (now we’re talking), at least one Willow Tree figurine my mom and I buy for each other, some diapers…for the little one, and I most likely would already have a cup of tea in my hand since I drink it 24/7, so I’ll bring that too.

Whenever I hear a question that asks me to answer it with one thing, I gulp.

Happy Asking and Answering to you!

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