Wednesday, March 18, 2009


None of us need to be reminded of the fragility of life. I'm guessing all of us have probably experienced one heartbreak or another, reminding us that we do not dictate how long we get to be on this earth.

Today I heard about Natasha Richardson and I was deeply moved. Some people can hear about accidents like hers and have it hardly affect them, have it hardly even register. Not so with me. A news story like hers gets me thinking about life and everything temporary.

A friend of mine likes to quote the Allman Brothers, saying that on any given day any one of us could get hit by a peach truck. This resonates with me, especially having recently learned that my dad has lung cancer. I must admit I'm a little more cognizant of the impermanence of life.

Does it stir fear in me? NO. What it does do is cause me to want to make my life count all the more. It makes the festering question, "What am I here for?" all the more important for me to answer.

Thankful to be breathing. Stirred to live.

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